Twitter looks to video with launch of Vine

If a picture is worth a thousand words, six seconds of video ought to be plenty for anyone used to expressing themselves in 140 characters or fewer.

Apple pulls photo-sharing app over porn concerns

Apple has pulled 500px's photo-sharing apps from the App Store, saying it's too easy to find pornography.

Kim Dotcom launches 'legal' Mega site

A year to the day after the raid on his New Zealand house, Kim Dotcom has launched his new file sharing site, Mega.

Video: QNX showcases tricked-out Car 2.0 infotainment platform

There were a surprising number of vehicles and related automotive technology on display at CES 2013 earlier this month in Las Vegas, including QNX's Car 2.0 platform which was neatly packed into a (concept) Bentley GT.

New user-friendly XBMC build for Android is here

XBMC software was originally designed for the Microsoft Xbox 360, although fans of the open-source project quickly ported the app to other platforms such as Linux, Windows, OS X and others.

Fresco explores the cosmos from your Android smartphone

If you're a fan of astronomy or simply enjoy looking up at the nighttime sky, you probably are already familiar with a number of space-related apps for smartphones, such as Google's Sky Map.

Instagram claims it's not losing users

Instagram has started releasing its usage figures following reports that the photo sharing site was hemorrhaging users over privacy concerns.

US programmer outsources his own job to China

A US software developer reportedly outsourced his own job, hiring a Chinese firm to do it for a fifth of the salary.

Google accused of donkeycide

Google's come in for a lot of stick over the years, over everything from privacy to monopolistic behaviour. Now, though, it stands accused of a completely new crime: running over innocent donkeys.

Facebook posts are more memorable than faces

Facebook posts are easier to remember than books or even faces - so much so that the difference in memory between posts and printed words is as big as the difference between normal people and amnesiacs.

Facebook launches Graph Search: will it compete with Google?

Facebook's launched its long-trailed social search service, allowing users of the site to answer queries such as 'which restaurants do my friends like?'

Does Facebook make you weak-willed?

Beware: using Facebook can make you eat more and get into debt - but still feel really pleased with yourself, researchers say.

$100 fee lets you tell Zuckerberg what you think of him

If you want to give Mark Zuckerberg your opinion on Facebook's new paid messaging service - or anything else - it could cost you $100.

40% of all Android devices run 4.0 or higher

There are a massive number of Android devices - including smartphones and tablets - on the mobile market today.

Video: OpenCL mod for Kindle Fire HD shows untapped potential

One might reasonably think that manufacturers would take advantage of every last ounce of performance when it comes to tablets.  

Do Not Disturb bug disturbs Apple users

Many iPhone and iPad users had a more peaceful New Year's Day than they expected yesterday, with iOS's Do Not Disturb feature failing to turn itself off when it should.

Single developer behind Netflix outage

Amazon has given an explanation for the outage which brought down Netflix's streaming service on Christmas Eve, saying all it took was one absent-minded developer.

FourSquare to show full names and share more data with businesses

FourSquare is making changes to its privacy policy - and, unlike, say Instagram, has actually made them simple to understand. From January 28, users' full names will be displayed, and businesses given more customer data by default.

Google Music Scan and Match swaps explicit songs for clean tracks

Have you used Google's Music Scan and Match platform to upload music to the cloud? Well, you may have noticed that the service has an alarming tendency to swap explicit songs with so-called "clean" tracks. 

Galaxy S III and Galaxy Camera get new SD card bootloader

An important new hack has debuted for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Camera.