Windows 3.11 to disappear in November (really)

Mozilla: 8,002,530 Firefox 3 downloads within 24 hours

Red Hat unveils new vision

Google offers offline file access in Docs

University professor develops automatic tattoo recognition system for police

OpenSuse 11.0 announced

Firefox 3 exceeds 2.9 million downloads in first 8 hours

Microsoft to feature four product lines at Computex

Quark announces QuarkXPress 8

Adobe teases parts of CS4 suite

Photoshop Express gets Flickr integration

Flash player 10 adds 3D support

CyberLink expects to bundle BD software with TSST drives

Windows XP SP3 wreaking havoc on HP and AMD machines

Valve's Source Engine, Steam coming to Linux

Microsoft releases anti-anti-activation patch for Vista

Hidden OS X feature: Twitter integration

Valve releases Steamworks SDK free of charge

Adobe seeks to extend reach of Flash, nukes licensing fees

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 released