Google now indexes scanned documents

Microsoft says next Office suite will go on the Web

Opera releases 9.61 browser

Amazon's Linux cloud computing out of beta

The Elastic Compute Cloud, a service that gives customers on-demand access to Linux servers, is now out of beta testing, said Jeff Barr, evangelist for the collection of online options collectively called Amazon Web Services. "Amazon EC2 is now in full production," Barr said in a blog post Thursday. And as promised, EC2 now offers Windows in a beta test, joining Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris and Solaris Express Community Edition. Read the complete story here.

More than 10 million lines of Linux source files

Greasemonkey coming to Google Chrome

Windows 7 to dial down UAC

Linux netbook returns higher? hopes to make search faster, more relevant

MontaVista Linux drives Dell's quick-boot feature

3Tera cloud infrastructure now supports Windows

Apple begins to learn from NDA paranoia

MotionDSP to release CUDA-accelerated video enhancement software

Moblin to be major Linux player in MID market

Adobe announces Creative Suite 4

Adobe officially announced its Creative Suite (CS4), a design software package consisting of 13 different application, 14 integrated technologies and seven services.  

Apple updates Remote application to handle Genius

Apple re-releases iTunes 8 to fix Vista 'blue screen of death'

Google Chrome Easter Egg

Photosynth fans overload capacity

Microsoft releases SQL Server 2008