Old-school MacPaint's source code donated to museum

One of the very first computer drawing programs with a graphical user interface is now on display at the Computer History Museum, with the full source code available for all to see.

Windows XP will never die

Microsoft originally said that new owners of Windows 7 who wanted to downgrade to XP would only have until 2011 to do so, but now the company has changed its mind and extended support for the old operating system until 2020.

Microsoft invites 10,000 more users to Intune cloud beta

After a better-than-expected initial reception to its latest cloud computing project, Microsoft is expanding its beta program for Intune to include 10,000 more users.

Flash rises to the 3D occasion

In its latest push to remain relevant in the online video market, Adobe is going to add a new layer to its Flash standard: a 3D layer.

Safari 5 goes out into the wild

Apple has released the newest version of its Internet browser, Safari 5, which claims to have a "30 percent performance increase over Safari 4."

Honor the Fallen this Memorial Day

Facebook app asks that you give up your status to honor a fallen soldier this Memorial Day.

Firefox claims 40% of Euro browser share

Mozilla's little browser that could is actually on its way to dethroning Internet Explorer as the default, most widely used browser in the world, and the apex of its growth is in Europe.

Capitalism conquers fear of iPad

The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, rhymes with vajayjay, is going to charge $18 a month for its iPad subscription. Richie Rich is first official subscriber.

Careless Piracy costs jobs

We've all become accustomed to the incessant whining from the music industry and Hollywood that piracy is killing them, but now apparently, there's proof that your illegal download habit is adding workers to the already long unemployment lines.

Barnes & Noble to put e-books on iPad

Barnes & Noble will be releasing an app for the iPad, a device that will be competing with its own Nook e-reader. It's a way for the reail giant to gain more exposure in the market of digital books.

Anti Bush video game nixed

 With a veritable wealth of video games in existence, one doesn’t often spare a thought to those that didn’t quite make it, but a recent interview with game developer David Jaffe provides some insight into what could have been a highly controversial first person shooter based on George W. Bush's polices abroad.

Android apps more expensive in Europe

Continental Europe, as every backpacker knows, aint cheap, and that includes its Android apps according to analytics outfit, Distimo, which found publishers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain flogging their mobile wares for significantly more than their cheaper US, UK and Japanese counterparts.

Something at Google is broken

There seems to be something awry at Google. All you need to do is navigate over here and you'll see what.

Networks collapse@CES 2010

You would think that any Consumer Electronics show would have decent Wifi, and perhaps a proper press lounge or two, but the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year has neither.

Microsoft's Ballmer keeps audience in the dark

Microsoft was struggling with power problems Wednesday night as Steve Ballmer's keynote was delayed by intermittent moments of darkness.

Nvidia has an AXE to grind

That nice chap and top graphics analyst Jon Peddie no doubt finds himself right now embroiled in the awful Consumer Electronics Show in glitzy Las Vegas.

Skype to support high definition video calls

VOIP firm Skype said that it will enable video calls for 720p high definition displays, so you can see your friends' acne in high resolution detail.  

Microsoft's Windows 7 RC Build 7048 reviewed

ZD Net's Ed Bott has done a bang-up job of assembling a Windows 7 RC review. The before-and-after images show how features have changed between build 7000 and build 7048. Some basic features have been reworked, and there's some new tweaks and eye/ear candy for those who like flashy operating systems. The image gallery shows compelling proof that Microsoft's OS is making progress.

Microsoft to end Windows 7 beta download on February 10

{mosimage} InformationWeek's Paul McDougall is reporting that on February 10, 2009, Microsoft will pull the plug on its Windows 7 beta download - just 33 days after it launched.

Google begins denying Google Video uploads