Amazon launches Web-based e-book preview service

Amazon's family of Kindle services just had a baby, Amazon Kindle for the Web. It's a service that runs in any Web browser and allows users to preview e-books before they buy them.

Internet Explorer 9 beta reaches 2 million downloads

Within just two days, more than two million people have downloaded the beta version of Microsoft's newest Internet browser.

New Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Elements add Facebook support

Adobe has just released the latest versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, adding among many new features the ability to post content directly to Facebook.

Your Facebook "likes" might influence your Bing search results

The next time you run a search for "2010 election" on Bing and see a skewed amount of Republican results, it might be because you clicked on Newt Gingrich's, Rudy Giuliani's, and Michael Steele's "Like This" buttons on Facebook.

Magazine makes up a story about Steve Jobs being a ninja

A Japanese tabloid magazine reported that Steve Jobs ran into a bit of an issue at a local airport while on vacation. But no one really took it seriously until Bloomberg decided it was worth reporting.

Bing passes Yahoo in the blink of an eye

Microsoft is proving that you can do anything if you put your mind - and the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation - to it.

Facebook users are narcissistic, says study

A new study has looked into the personalities and habits of the typical Facebook user and classified most of the active ones as narcissistic, though their reaction is probably, "Nuh uh. I'm better than that."

Facebook activates remote log-out

Have you ever been in your school's library or a friend's house and realized, "Oh crap! I forgot to log out of Facebook"? Well apparently you're not alone.

Juror expelled from case due to Facebook status

Apparently judges aren't too happy when jurors update their Facebook status to say, "gonna be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty."

Social networking usage doubles among the 50+ crowd

While it's still the age group with the lowest concentration of social network users, the senior citizen crowd is starting to realize how fun Facebook is.

Gmail phone calling tallies a million calls in 24 hours

Google's intriguing new service that allows users to place phone calls directly from Gmail is apparently a hit. At least, it was intriguing enough to log more than a million calls in its first day.

Next Gmail feature may be VoIP

Google is expected to make an announcement as early as today about a brand new Gmail feature, and initial leaks suggest calling features like missed call icons and voicemail notifications will be added to Google Talk.

Firefox 4 beta update adds "tab manager"

Mozilla has pushed out its fourth update to the fourth version of Firefox, letting users have full access to the widely publicized tab organization features it has been promising.

Internet Explorer 9 beta next month, no XP users allowed

The next generation version of Microsoft's venerable Internet browser will be available for users to try out on September 15, but those people still clinging to Windows XP will be shut out of the latest software.

Internet Explorer 9 hits final pre-beta build

Microsoft has released the final preview version of the new Internet Explorer software before it officially goes into beta phase and becomes one step closer to a final reality.

Internet Explorer continues to build back market share

After years and years of seeing other browsers chip away at its browser dominance, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is gaining back market share, and that trend has continued with the latest numbers reported.

Microsoft Office 2011 comes quickly to Mac, in October

Just four months after the latest version of Microsoft Office came to Windows computers, a new Mac version of the software suite will be hitting the shelves, in 100 different countries.

Windows 7 already more dominant than Vista

In the world of monopolistic operating systems, it certainly didn't take long for Windows 7 to be on more computer than Microsoft's previous, bungled platform Windows Vista.

Apple adds "Extensions" to Safari browser

Apple today put out the latest version of its Safari Web browser, version 5.0.1, which adds a new feature allowing users to customize their Internet experience with sophisticated new features.

Apple updates Mac OS X for SDXC, Magic Trackpad support

Alongside its new Mac product announcements from yesterday, Apple has issued a related update to its operating system that is available now for the new iMac systems.