Facebook "e-mail" is here, ready to kill Gmail

Facebook has officially unveiled its rumored plans to bring an e-mail service to its tens of millions of registered users. But because it's Facebook, it's doing so much more. It wants to become your centralized location for every message on every medium possible.

Facebook may be launching its own e-mail service

As it stands now, the only reason you ever need to leave Facebook is to check your e-mail. That may soon change.

Jimmy Kimmel sets November 17 "National Unfriend Day"

How many Facebook friends do you have? Are you one of those people who only friends people you talk to every day, or are you the kind who sends out friend requests to everyone with the same last name as you?

Apple to now offer 90-second song previews on iTunes

If you're browsing songs and iTunes but those 30-second previews just aren't enough to let you decide whether or not it's worth it, here's some good news. Every song on iTunes now gives users a 90-second preview.

Twitter to become infected with more ads

It happens to every website after a while - as soon as there's a whole bunch of users, it becomes more and more plastered with advertisements. That is now starting to happen with Twitter.

Twitter on pace to reach...200 million users by 2011

There are now 175 million users on Twitter, ranging from senior foreign diplomats to bored 13-year-old teenagers. It's because the service is able to reach across that swath of the global population that the site should exceed 200 million in just the next two months.

Firefox 4 launch scrubbed until 2011

Mozilla's still working hard on getting all the kinks out to a huge update to its Firefox web browser, and as such will miss its previously scheduled deployment window of late 2010.

Paypal wants to be as easy as putting a quarter in a coin slot

In a world where frequent small, digital payments of $1 or less are becoming increasingly common, Paypal wants in on the ground level.

The iPad military app that looks more like a video game

If you've poured dozens of hours into games like Starcraft, you may have thought you were just honing your pointless video game skills. But in reality, you were years ahead of the government in realizing the best way to manage time and resources during war.

Microsoft goes all digital with newly planned download store

Not to be outdone by the iTunes App Store, Android Market, or the upcoming Mac App Store, Microsoft has unveiled plans to update its Games For Windows Marketplace to centralize how PC gamers buy games.

Microsoft tips off a 2012 Windows 8 launch

It looks like the next-generation Windows operating system is less than two years away.

Facebook offers "one-time passwords" for extra security

If you're in the library or a school computer lab and you feel uneasy about using your real password to log into Facebook, the social networking site has a solution for you.

Twitter now runs a billion searches every day

Twitter has just completed an overhaul of its back-end search architecture for users who are looking for specific users or messages, and it says it is now more capable ot handling the one billion queries that are generated each and every day.

Yahoo rolling out refreshed design for search results

As it continues on a path to regain some of its once venerable position on the Internet, Yahoo has detailed some of its plans for a completely revamped search results page.

Curious eyes and ears await big Facebook announcement

Facebook is going to announce something new today. Something big. And that's leading to all sorts of rumors floating around.

Yahoo buys advertising company Dapper

Yahoo has just announced plans to acquire an online ad firm called Dapper, its latest move to stay alive in the Web market by creating a compelling ad experience.

Mark Zuckerberg makes a cameo on The Simpsons

As he continues to try to create a positive image for himself, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on an episode of The Simpsons in a minute-long cameo.

Antarctica is captured on Google Street View

Google can now say its Street View maps service spans across every one of the world's continents.

Facebook, Skype to bring together contacts, communication

Facebook and Skype have reportedly decided to team up together to integrate contact lists, voice and video chat, and other messaging services.

Twitter to begin letting people pay for "promoted" account

You know that list of random Twitter accounts that shows up on the microblogging site? Well, soon you'll have to start paying to get on that list.