It won’t stay dead: Microsoft's talking paper clip returns

Microsoft must have a really sick sense of humor because they have announced that they are bringing back the much-hated talking paper clip.

IE9 doesn't do a thing to browser market share

It looks like Microsoft's latest browser isn't doing much for the browser wars.

New AI system increases the reliability of opinion polls

Scientists have figured out a way to use an artificial intelligence-based system to make the results of opinion polls more reliable.

Facebook launches "Send" button

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature that could become the new "Like" button.

Youtube video-on-demand service finally moves forward

Google is now looking to compete in the premium video rental market.

Firefox 4 hits 100 million downloads

It was a nice weekend for Mozilla.

Love Tech: Marriage prep app released

Having trouble managing your relationship with your significant other? Now you can rely on an app to help you with matters of the heart.

Create your own Google map

Google is looking to hugely increase the amount of information stored on Google Maps.

Google ends support for Google Video

Ever since Google acquired Youtube, users have questioned the point of its previous video service, Google Video.

Scientists give computers "hindsight" to tell the future

Humans know that hindsight is 20/20 and the result of this is usually what we call regret.

Google lets you customize your Gmail experience

The search giant has just revealed a new way to personalize your gigantic e-mail inbox.

Very first Windows 8 video surfaces

We knew it was only a matter of time, yet it's a huge story nevertheless.

Microsoft employee accused of stealing 515K

Microsoft is sitting on tons of cash. So maybe the wealthy corporation wouldn't notice if just a little tiny bit "went missing?"

Microsoft teases Internet Explorer 10

Yes, this comes just weeks after Internet Explorer 9 was released.

Youtube adds support for 24/7 live streaming

As if people weren't spending enough time on Youtube as it is...

Rumor: Final Cut Pro update coming next week

It looks like Apple is finally ready for a new version of Final Cut Pro.

Windows 8 now in the hands of PC makers

Yep, you better believe it.

Amazon opens cloud-based music storage service

Having to keep track of MP3 files can be a total nuisance. But Amazon is looking to change that.

Mac App Store brings in huge revenues

The Mac App Store, Apple's attempt at making a computer software download service as easy as the App Stores on iPhone and iPad, is already pulling in about half as many downloads as the iPad.

Firefox 4 slated for March 22

After being put on hiatus for four month, Mozilla announced that it will put the latest version of Firefox up for download next Tuesday.