Google speeds up your load times with Page Speed

Google has just introduced its latest product, Page Speed, which promises Web developers faster load times for their websites.

Average user spends $14 on a "free" app purchase

You might want to hang on for a second the next time you see an appealing app that's listed as "free" on the App Store and Android Market.

China's Alibaba to launch mobile OS

Chinese e-commerce leader Alibaba recently announced plans to launch a mobile operating system. They want to join Google and Apple in the market for smartphone software.

LinkedIn CEO says Google+ vs Facebook is a deathmatch

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sees no way Facebook and Google+ can both exist, and says it's likely Google+ will come out on the losing end of the battle.

Google wants to find "what you love"

On Tuesday Google released a tool that digs through the Internet to bring you the answer to the question "What do you love?"

Windows XP will finally, really die in 3 years

No seriously this time...

Orbitz iPad app lets travelers book hotels

In a bad economy more people are deciding to give up airline travel for road trips, meaning that they will most likely need on the go travel tools.

Steve Ballmer to present 2012 CES keynote

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will return to the stage as the headline speaker at next year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Facebook teases "something awesome" coming next week

Next week isn't just the anniversary of America's independence.

The Pope is now on Twitter

Pretty much no one has an excuse for not being on Twitter now.

Firefox may soon nix "http" from URL bar

When was the last time you actually had to type "http" into your browser?

Facebook now encompasses 10% of global population

One out of every 10 people in the entire planet is now on Facebook.

Best Buy preps own cloud music service

Best Buy is set to launch its own cloud-based music playing and storage service.

New tool offers instant Outlook translations

There's a new add-on for Outlook that lets users write an e-mail and send it to anyone in the world.

New gene curation software created for genetic biologists

University of Illinois researchers have created a curation software tool for genetic biologists and it has led to a new approach in searching for information. They call it the BeeSpace Navigator.

Mozilla ends Firefox 4 security updates

There will no longer be security updates for version 4 of Firefox.

Foursquare: 10 million served, and counting

There are now more than 10 million Foursquare users.

Windows 8 likely coming out fall 2012

There are new details about exactly when Windows 8 will be hitting store shelves.

Prepare for hurricane season with iMap Weather Radio App

Weather Decision Technologies announced today that hurricane emergency alerting is now a part of the iMapWeather Radio app.     

Twitter launches its own URL shortener

Twitter has finally solved one of its biggest problems.