Twitter CEO: We have 100 million active users

Twitter now has 100 million active users, which is pretty impressive when you realize that it was a little more than half of that just earlier this year.

Founder of Project Gutenberg dies at age 64

Michael Stern Hart, credited with creating the most ambitious online book initiative to date, has passed away after leaving an inimitable mark on the digital landscape.

Coming next month: Facebook Music

Next month, there will one more reason for everyone to stay logged into Facebook 24/7.

Google offers "offline Gmail"

If you ever lose power or your Internet service is temporarily down, you'll no longer be unable to sift through your old e-mails.

Samsung touts yet another mobile IM tool

Samsung has launched a mobile instant messaging tool. Dubbed ChatON, the new free service supports the sharing of text, images, hand-written notes and videos across any mobile phone.

Women are more active social networkers

In the United States, nearly two-thirds of Internet users have a social networking account but those who use it most often are not the typical tech adopters.

Mozilla will not axe Firefox version numbers

If you can't keep track of what version of Firefox you are using now, you're not alone.

JD Power study confirms Verizon as top carrier

Verizon is once again ranked as the most reliable mobile carrier in the US.

Reports of Facebook's trillionth page view are false

News stories about Facebook reaching a staggering one trillion page views are completely erroneous.

Google to take Steet View down the Amazon River

Google has embarked on an Amazon journey, and we're not talking about the online bookstore.

Microsoft confirms Windows 8 app store

There will be a centralized online hub, managed by Microsoft, for Windows 8 users to find, purchase, and download software from any publisher.

BMW debuts Ulimate Drive app

Do you enjoy driving your shiny BMW but feel like all the sweet routes are passing you by? Well, at the risk of sounding clichéd, yes there is an app to help with that.

Google falters in search 'success rate' study

There's no denying Google is the leader in online search, but a new study says only two out of three Google searches lead users to what they're looking for.

iPhone app combats teen dating abuse

A number of NGOs, activists and Liz Claiborne reps recently announced the launch of Love Is Not Abuse. This unique iPhone app is designed to help parents and kids end the scourge of dating abuse and teen violence.

Claim: iPhone is the cheapest to support

Apple fans don’t really need additional reasons to worship at the altar of Steve Jobs, but they’re getting them anyways.

FBI launches Child ID app

The FBI has launched its official Child ID app, which allows parents to electronically store photos and critical information about their children in case they go missing.

Google wants to resurrect realtime search

Google has many creations. When they kill one off, it doesn’t always stay dead.

Study linking IE users to low IQ was a hoax

A seemingly legitimate study that showed Internet Explorer users as having starkly low IQs has turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

After brief tease, Skype iPad app is official

It popped up on the App Store, was quickly taken down, and now it's back up again - Skype for iPad is here.

Windows XP market share falls below 50%

Though it is still the world's most popular operating system, Windows XP no longer has a majority of the global OS market share.