Google axes Street View FPS

Google has pulled down a Street View modification that allowed people to turn the real-life imagery from around the world into a first-person shooter game.

Mac App Store eclipses 100 million downloads

In less than a year, Apple has managed to convert enough people to its computer software digital download platform to reach 100 million downloads.

Windows 8 beta will launch in February

It appears as though progress on Microsoft's new operating system is coming along smoothly, as the company is ready to open it up for beta testing in just a couple months.

Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple's user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

Windows 8 upgrades will supposedly be super fast

If you're hesitant to upgrade your Windows computers because it's such a time-consuming hassle, Microsoft is speaking to you.

Microsoft: Reboots will be less common in Windows 8

Time for your computer to update? Well you better make sure you've saved everything because it's gonna automatically restart soon. Sound familiar?

Google to include Facebook comments in search results

Facebook comments will soon appear in Google search results.

Google tries out 'Indoor Street View'

You're already used to using Google to know what a new location looks like before you even get there, and now you might be able to see what it actually looks like inside your final destination.

Bing gets in bed with Firefox

Microsoft has scored a victory in embedding its Bing search engine into Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

A somber celebration for Windows XP's 10th birthday

This week marks 10 years since Windows XP was first released, but not everyone is reeling with excitement.

Google+ picture uploads reach 3.4 billion

Though it has only been around for 100 days, Google says more than 3.4 billion photos have already been uploaded to its new social network, Google+.

Windows 8 is a big freaking deal for Microsoft

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Windows 8, and Microsoft keeps giving us more.

Report points to Chrome overtaking Firefox soon

It looks like Chrome is doing a pretty formidable job at becoming the new choice for Internet users who want something other than Internet Explorer.

Facebook iPad app may make cameo at 10/4 event

In addition to unveiling the new iPhone next week, there's speculation that Apple may also finally reveal an iPad-optimized app version of Facebook.

Google+ swells to 50 million users

It sure seems easy to build a strong social network when you're a company like Google.

College Humor invites users to first "antisocial network"

If you feel overwhelmed by all the madness surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ these days, this is for you.

Google Propeller - a social news app

Google is hard at work creating a new way for you to view and share the latest goings-on in current events.

Xbox Live in Windows 8 is huge for Microsoft

Microsoft is poised to make Xbox Live the most universally acceptable online gaming platform in the world.

Microsoft tablet plans mature with Windows 8

At Microsoft's BUILD show this morning, the company gave a lot of insight into what everyone has been waiting to see - Windows 8.

25% of US Web time is spent on social networks

15 minutes of every hour we spend online is devoted to social media, according to the latest research from Nielsen.