Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

The final beta of Microsoft's new operating system has been released.

Siri heading to Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to voice-activated technology, nothing seems more appropriate than in-car situations.

Google will add "Do Not Track" to Chrome

If you use Chrome and you don't like the idea of Google tracking your every click and website visit, you will soon have a "do not track" option.

Google integrates Google+ and Google Voice

Google has integrated its new social networking platform with its voice-over IP service.

Microsoft: No Office for Apple's iPad

The "he said, she said" game is running rampant in the tech world today. Granted, this time around it seems more like The Daily versus Microsoft.

Updated: Microsoft preps Office for Apple's iPad

Microsoft is reportedly set to submit an iPad-optimized version of its flagship Office suite to the App Store for approval.

FBI steps up social media tracking

´╗┐The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is actively seeking developers to code a platform capable of monitoring social networks for threats.

Apple's iCloud and iMessage coming to Macs

The latest version of Apple's Mac operating system will function more like an iPad than its PC predecessors.

Windows 8 logo is redesigned

That classic colored flag of red, green, blue, and yellow is being kicked aside for Windows 8.

Google rolls out Google TV Youtube app

Google teased a "big announcement" for its television-based operating system yesterday, but it turns out it's just a Youtube app update.

Report: Google working on a Dropbox killer

Of all the big trends in cyber space, there's one that Google has been notably left out of - cloud storage.

Windows 8 won't have a Start button

That iconic little button at the lower-left corner of your computer screen is soon to be no more.

Man denied entry to US because of a tweet

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security has nothing better to do than to monitor what vacationing tourists post on Twitter.

Twitter boss talks about presidential race

The man at the head of the giant microblogging site says without Twitter, candidates will suffer.

Youtube claims 4 billion daily streams

It seems Youtube still hasn't reached its saturation point yet.

Windows 8 likely to come in October

Apparently the next major evolution in Microsoft operating systems is about nine months away.

Facebook News Feed to start showing sponsored content

Just when you thought your Facebook news feed was the one online outlet where you weren't inundated by ads, Facebook is looking to change that.

Skype offers free airport WiFi for the holidays

Beginning tomorrow, you'll be able to tap into free WiFi access at major airports across the country, courtesy of Skype.

Rebecca Black is 2011's #1 Google search

There is perhaps no better metric for determining the hottest trends of the year than by looking at Google search data.

Facebook Timeline exposes your entire social identity

Facebook has just launched a new tool that aims to present a clearer and more complete picture of someone based on their years of social activity.