Two arrested in wireless access theft

A man and a woman were arrested in separate instances for stealing wireless Internet in Redditch, Worcestershire which is about 120 miles northwest of London England.

Wireless audit finds unauthorized hotspots at IRS offices

In an internal audit, inspectors at the Internal Revenue Service have found unauthorized wireless devices at several offices which could allow hackers to compromise taxpayer information.

Workers give up passwords for chocolate and a smile

Most companies have secrets protected by passwords, but according to a recent study those passwords can be obtained with just a candy bar and a smile.

AVG updates security suite for Vista compatibility

Computer security vendor Grisoft has updated its AVG Internet Security suite for Vista.

Zero day flaw hits Windows DNS

A new worm has been discovered by Internet security company Sophos, which it says can make computers vulnerable to remotely controlled attacks.

Two Trojans responsible for 80% of malware

According to computer security vendor PandaLabs, the Sdbot and Gaobot family of Trojan bots were responsible for 80% of malware detections during the first quarter of 2007.

Federal agencies get poor grades in computer security

According to a new report commissioned by the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, 24 federal agencies received poor grades in computer security.

Microsoft responds to Vista OEM hacks

Hackers have found a way to replicate an XP hack on Vista that exploit original equipment manufacturer (OEM) activation through the basic input output system (BIOS) process.

Microsoft releases April security update package

Microsoft today released previously announced security updates as part of its monthly update cycle. A total of 12 software updates are available, including five critical security patches.

UPDATE: AACS develops Blu-ray, HD DVD security patch for WinDVD

The AACS LA has issued a security update for HD DVD and Blu-ray playback software, trying to cut back on the copyright infringement that has resulted from recent hacking incidents into the new high definition formats.

Microsoft issues updated Animated Cursor patch because of DLL problems

MMicrosoft has released an updated version of its MS07-017 patch that fixes some incompatibility problems with the animated cursor vulnerability patch.

iPod contracts world's first iVirus

The first virus designed exclusively at infecting the iPod has been discovered.

Microsoft announces 12 updates for April 10

With a brief disruption, Microsoft is back on its usual monthly cycle of software and security updates. The company plans to six security related updates and six non-security related updates next week.

IRS loses hundreds of laptops, fails its own audit

Over the past few years, the Internal Revenue Service has lost several hundred laptops according to a new report from the IRS Inspector General J. Russell George.

Possible UCSF data breach exposes data of 46,000 people

46,000 students and employees at the University of California San Francisco may have had their personal information stolen in a data breach, according to university officials.

Microsoft to release patch for killer cursor vulnerability

Microsoft is working “around the clock” on an official patch for the Windows Animated Cursor Handling vulnerability that is running wild on the Internet.

China replaces U.S. as top malware country, says Sophos

Following a continuous increase in malware over the past months, China is now listed by Sophos as the leading malware country.

eEye releases unofficial patch for animated cursor vulverability

Computer security researcher eEye Digital Security has released an unofficial patch for the .ANI animated cursor vulnerability.

British government suggests fingerprint-activated iPod’s to help reduce crime

The British government has released a review on crime, and one of the suggestions on helping to tackle the problem of people being mugged for their valuable consumer electronic devices is to make them fingerprint activated.

Microsoft confirms security issues in Xbox Live

Microsoft has admitted to security problems with the Xbox Live online service. The system is still technically sound and has not been hacked. However, programming director Larry Hryb from Xbox Live has admitted in his blog that there are social engineering problems.