More security breaches at Los Alamos

Officials at the Los Alamos nuclear-weapons research lab are dealing with two more security breaches.

Ohio glitch delays tax refunds, opens up ID theft

Over 150,000 Ohio citizens still haven't received their 2006 tax refunds due to a computer glitch, also opening them up to possible identity theft.

Bangkok airport officials say insufficient voltage killed their baggage scanners

Officials at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport are now blaming insufficient voltage for disabling the airport’s baggage scanners.

Apple patches Safari beta browser a second time

Vista more secure than XP, Mac OS, Linux after first 180 days: report

Chicago (IL) – A report released by security blogger Jeff Jones indicates that Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing efforts are paying off: During the first six month after release, there were less than half the number of vulnerabilities disclosed in its predecessor and substantially less security issues than in other popular operating systems.

German government asked to ditch Blackberrys

Piggybacking on a recent decision in France, a German industry organization wants German government officials to replace Blackberrys with a “more secure” German alternative.

Microsoft patents software watermarking technology

Battling software piracy, Microsoft has patented its idea of embedding code into software that would allow a company to identify the original purchaser.

Blackberry a threat to French national security

French government officials are ditching their Blackberry devices for fears of American eavesdropping.

Stolen backup tape has more than 200,000 Ohio taxpayer records

A stolen backup tape probably contains the taxpayer records of more than 200,000 Ohio state residents and employees.

Computer glitch halts United flights

University to spy on online test takers

Troy University is planning on using specialized web cams to prevent test cheating by online students.

New web threat takes advantage of iFrame vulnerability

Update: Apple patches Safari, boasts 1 million downloads

Less than a week after launching its first beta, in response to rampant criticism, Apple has released a security update to fix three vulnerabilities in the Windows version of its Safari browser.

Researchers speak out about Microsoft Speech flaws

Researchers are blasting Microsoft for a critical flaw that could cause a critical attack on users who rely on speech recognition to control their Windows-based computer.

Bugs are crawling over Windows Safari browser

Researchers intensively scanning the Mac-turned-Windows browser found as many as 18 problems in its first 48 hours.

Microsoft June update goes live, fixes four critical flaws

Microsoft has posted its latest security bulletin, offering patches for six vulnerabilities, four of which are labeled critical.

Safari 3.0 beta hit with six vulnerabilities within hours after launch

Apple may have to start patching security holes in its new Safari browser sooner than expected: Security researchers already have discovered multiple Denial of Service (DoS) and remote execution exploits.

Microsoft details six updates for June security bulletin

Next Tuesday's security update from Microsoft will fix six vulnerabilities, including four crticial remote code execution holes.

Symantec puts out Norton AntiBot beta

Symantec has released a free beta version of Norton AntiBot, a behavior-based malware protection software designed to work as a supplement to existing antivirus protection.

Panda Antivirus 08 beta opens up for download

Increased phishing protection, new spyware roadblocks, and support for Windows Vista are part of the next generation Panda Antivirus software, which is available now as a free public beta download.