MySpace deletes 29,000 sex offender profiles

Masters of technology return for BlackHat/Defcon

It’s that time of the year again and the annual BlackHat and Defcon computer security conventions are returning to Las Vegas.

Microsoft joins the search privacy parade

Microsoft has joined its search engine competitors by vowing to eliminate user information from searches after 18 months.

Fujitsu announces fingerprint security for Windows

In an online world dominated by endless user names, passwords and answers to security questions, the idea of simple yet effective security has not been perfected yet. Fujitsu Microelectronics has introduced a fingerprint kit which takes a big step in the right direction: it works in Windows and it's easy to integrate.

iPhone gets security concern with Safari browser

A recently unearthed security hole in the iPhone's web browser would allow hackers to gain remote access to an infected iPhone.

Hackers hit Virgin America website

Former spammer spills the beans

Fight bots with Symantec’s Norton AntiBot

Symantec has released its AntiBot software to help computer users stop and delete unwanted Trojan Horse programs.

There are 68 iPhone bugs

Security firm warns against iPhone’s web dialer

Security researchers at SPI Dynamics say the Apple iPhone’s web dialer is vulnerable to exploits.

Microsoft preps new version of Windows Live OneCare security package

Microsoft is gearing up to release the first major upgrade to its security software Windows Live OneCare. The beta of version 2.0 is available as a free download.

Microsoft releases six patches

Microsoft today issued its July security update, which includes five bug fixes for remote execution vulnerabilities as well as a patch for the firewall in Windows Vista.

Scammers testing out stolen credit cards with charities

Credit card thieves are increasingly donating to charities with stolen credit card numbers.

New worm takes aim at Harry Potter

Malicious code writers are getting more clever every day, with a new worm marking its individuality by infecting computers with the message "Harry Potter is dead".

Six updates ready for Microsoft security bulletin

Microsoft announced its advanced notification for this month's security update, listing three critical updates and six patches in total.

Panda Labs warns of talking virus

Computer users should be wary of a new virus that deletes important files and then hijacks the sound card to say "Your system files have been deleted. Sorry."

DVD Jon takes first steps in cracking the iPhone

Window film absorbs shocks and signals

A newly declassified window film can not only stop glass from shattering, but can also block virtually all electromagnetic signals.

iRobot testing out Tasers on robots

iRobot, the makers of the PackBot robots used by police and police units, has now added electric dart firing Tasers to a test robot.

Bogus security bulletin plants trojan horse on user PCs

Sophos warns about a fake Microsoft security that tries to lure users into downloading a patch that really is a trojan horse.