Microsoft releases six patches for Windows, Office

Microsoft’s October patch day brings six security updates addressing “critical” and “important” vulnerabilities in the firm’s Windows and Office software.

Spammers hit YouTube

Spammers have found a way to use YouTube’s “Invite a friend” service to send out ad-laden emails.  According to the security experts at Sophos, the spam bypasses traditional email filters because the messages originate from YouTube’s servers.

Security firm warns of AIM vulnerability risk

Core Security Technologies says that a critical flaw in AOL's instant messenger application has still not been fixed, despite the online company's remarks to the contrary.

Facebook targeted over child safety

Computer security vendor at DHS under scrutiny

Paparazzi hackers emerging, security firm says

6.3 million TD Ameritrade customers likely to be hit with wave of spam, Sophos says

'Silent' Windows update raises issues

Big fish: Trojans catch U.S. Consulate in Russia

Security software firm Sophos reports that webpages of the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Russia, were infected by trojans earlier this week.

Canadian government concerned about Google ‘Street View’ maps

Canadian government officials are concerned that a planned rollout of Google’s Street View maps could violate the country’s privacy laws.

Free iPhone unlock manual making the rounds on the Internet

Chicago (IL) – Today we came across yet another free iPhone lock kit on the Internet, which - other than previously published methods - is free, only software-based and apparently complete.      

Skype users targeted by virus

E-mail malware takes a break in August

China denies accusations of Pentagon hacking

China says it has never hacked into sensitive files in the Pentagon computer database, despite a recent report that claims otherwise.

Bargain ebayed hard drive spills political secrets

Nuke plant guard caught napping

Sony rootkit concerns resurface with USB drive

Sony is the face of a new malware threat that deals with fingerprint-authenticating USB drives.

Attack at steals user data

Microsoft and Cisco: New best friends

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and Cisco's Chairman and CEO John Chambers today spoke at length about collaboration, teamwork and current and future technology directions during a webcast. It was an interesting mix, kind of a competitive love-fest for the future. One that promises new products and possibilities.

Light pulses crack security codes within seconds

University of Michigan scientists have discovered a breakthrough way to utilize light in cryptography. The new technique can crack even complex codes in a matter of seconds. Scientists believe this technique offers much advancement over current solutions and could serve to foil national and personal security threats if employed.