SentrySafe shows off almost nuke-proof hard drives and data vaults

Las Vegas (NV) – Do you want to protect your data from dust, water and ohh maybe an occasional conflagration?  Well SentrySafe showed us their almost indestructible hard drives and data vaults which can withstand searing temperatures and up to 24-hours of complete submersion.  The aptly-named FIRE-SAFE Waterproof hard drives contain a Maxtor OneTouch 4 drive.  For owners of valuable DVDs, CDs and small USB drives, SentrySafe sells their Data Storage Chest which has a convenient USB connection inside.

Transportation Department restricts loose lithium-ion batteries on airlines

Gadget lovers will have one more thing to worry about because the Transportation Department has issued new rules that greatly restrict lithium-ion batteries on airplanes.

This year scored record data breaches

Windows Explorer's a virus, says Kaspersky's anti-virus software

Ontrack publishes “top 10 of data disasters”

Microsoft Access falls victim to serious flaw

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has issued a warning about a newly discovered hack that could implant malicious software on a computer via Microsoft's database software program.

Hackers launch major attack on US Military labs

China remains world’s top malware hosting country

Exploit released for unpatched QuickTime flaw

Firefox gets security update

Mozilla has launched a new Firefox update to patch a handful of security issues.

Mozilla readies Firefox patch

McAfee offers virus scanner for Windows Mobile

Did the NSA build a backdoor into a new elliptic encryption standard?

Wired is reporting there may be a huge flaw in one of the new NSA championed security algorithms.  The flaw is of such a type that the two cryptographers who found and reported on it say it "could only be described as a backdoor".

Huge day of updates leads to 50+ Apple bug fixes

Apple yesterday rolled out a total of 52 patches, 41 of which tackled vulnerabilities in the Mac OS X operating system.

Microsoft's November update patches one critical bug, one other bug

Microsoft issued its monthly security bulletin this week, this time just patching two known issues.

Adobe PDF exploits continue after patch

Just hours after Adobe fixed a vulnerability in its PDF viewing applications, users became warned of a continuing security threat.

Firefox gets a Leopard update

Mozilla has released a new patch for Firefox, which will update the browser to version and install a handful of security fixes and brings support for Apple’s upcoming operating system MacOS X 10.5 “Leopard”.

Metasploit creator distributes exploits for iPhone

ARM links up with Intel on flash memory system security enhancement

Wirelessly hacking Gmail and more - tutorial

Culver City (CA) - We’ve all heard about the pitfalls of unencrypted wireless connections, but yet thousands of people still obliviously surf the web and check emails on vulnerable Wi-Fi networks and public hotspots.  A couple of months ago we wrote about the ‘Point and Click’ Gmail hacking techniques demonstrated at the Blackhat and Defcon computer security conventions, but for many people simply reading about a hack isn’t enough.  In this article and accompanying video, we’