Accused Motorola spy denies charges, blames work overload

A woman accused of stealing Motorola corporate secrets denies that she is a spy.  In a federal indictment, former Motorola software engineer Huanjuan Jin is accused of copying hundreds of documents from Motorola’s internal servers and then trying to board a plane to China.  She claims that her supervisor overloaded her with work and that she was merely taking the documents to keep up, but prosecutors say her motives were much more sinister.

Army offers $10,000 reward for stolen laptops

Most people ignore security patches, turn off firewalls – Sophos

Most people apparently ignore security updates and turn off their firewalls, according to a new survey by the anti-malware company Sophos.  Using its free Endpoint Assessment Test, Sophos scanned 583 computers for 40 days and found that the majority of users refuse to take basic measures to protect themselves against viruses and other attacks.  In all, 81% of the computers surveyed failed one or more basic security checks.

Microsoft eradicates password stealers from more than two million computers

Redmond (WA) – A Microsoft automatic update has eradicated password stealing programs from more than two million computers.  Writing on the TechNet blog, Matt McCormack says the company’s Malicious Software Removal Tool detected and erased Trojan horse programs designed to steal passwords from popular online games like World of Warcraft, Valve’s Steam Client and Lineage Online.  Back on June 10, Microsoft sent an automatic update which upgraded the tool to fight against the password stealers and 700,000 machines were restored in just the first day.

Trojan horse takes pictures of Mac users

And you thought you were safe from malware when you switched to a Mac. You may change your mind soon, especially now that Mac's recent market share gains appear to contribute to the growing interest of malware authors in Macs. Security experts are warning now about a new Trojan horse released in the wild, targeting OS X Tiger and Leopard users. The malware can steal your passwords, avoid detection, log what you type and even take your picture.

Government computer headed for sale had confidential information

One in three IT workers access workers information

Vulnerability found in Firefox 3 five hours after release

China says it’s wasn’t skilled enough to hack Congressional computers

US lawmakers accuse China of hacking Congressional computers

Portable gadget copies flash media onto DVDs

You never know what you’ll find at the Computex tradeshow in Taipei and we spied a portable flash media copier for both cops and wannabe James Bond agents alike.  EZPNP’s EZDigiMagic looks like a portable CD or DVD player, but it actually takes all types of flash cards from SD to Compact Flash and copies the contents to CDs or DVDs.  It can even copy USB flash sticks and hard drives.  No computer is needed and you can even pop in four AA batteries and make the unit completely portable.

St. Paul suburb tells Google Maps: Keep out - we mean it

Commerce Secretary’s laptop could have been cloned during China trip

Comcast’s DNS records hijacked by pair of young hackers

Comcast’s homepage and webmail were unavailable for several hours from Wednesday to Thursday after a pair of young hackers hijacked the company’s DNS records.  The hackers, going by the names of Defiant and EBK, also defaced the homepage after they tried warning Comcast’s technical contact about the intrusion.  By Thursday night, all Comcast services seemed to be working normally.

TJX fires security whistleblower

China microchips all Olympic tickets

Government worker logged into porn sites 780,000 times

Security firm publishes iCal security flaws

Identity theft customers sue after service doesn’t work

Monks and megabytes, Thai government wants Internet cafes in Buddhist temples