Asustek lays blame for Eee Box virus on China-based OEM

'Unbreakable' encryption unveiled

Palin email hacker pleads innocence, gets court date

The man accused of hacking into Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s email account has pleaded not guilty and will stand trial.  20-year-old David Kernell, a University of Tennessee economics major, was released on his own recognizance and has been ordered by the judge to refrain from most computer activities.  His trial is set for December 16.

Google extends life of business email archive for up to 10 years

Large organizations and enterprise customers are legally required to store business email messages securely and reliably for litigation or other legal issues. Google already offers a one year email retention for enterprise customers who host their business emails on Google's servers. The company now announced that it is extending email the time frame covered by its archiving service to up to 10 years.

Hackers can remote control your webcam and mic, Adobe issues ‘critical’ advisory

Adobe has issued a “critical” security alert to users of its Flash player.  The company warns people that hackers can mislead people into clicking on link that can then remotely control the user’s webcam and microphone.  Adobe’s security warning comes on the heels of recently released proof of concept code which shows the attack in action.

'Unbreakable' quantum cryptography hacked without detection using lasers

A Norwegian University of Science student named Vadim Makarov has discovered a vulnerability in what was previously thought to be unbreakable quantum encryption. He is using a form of high intensity laser light to intercept the encrypted data stream covertly. While quantum encryption is regularly used to secure Swiss bank transactions, as well as their much publicized 2007 election results, Makarov claims it's easily hacked. He claims to have developed a black box device which he says, "turns the equipment into a puppet-box that an eavesdropper can control."

Skype Messaging Surveillance found in China

A group of computer security researchers and human-rights activists based in Canada at the University of Toronto recently found a gigantic surveillance system in China that is being utilized to monitor and archive Internet text conversations that contain politically charged wording.

MI6 accidentally sells top secret camera on eBay, James Bond on the case

A 28-year-old deliveryman in England got the deal of a lifetime when he won an eBay auction for a Nikon CoolPix digital camera.  The camera’s flash memory was filled with top secret documents and pictures apparently from MI6, the British intelligence agency similar to the US CIA.  Being a good Samaritan, the buyer notified police and has been rewarded with having his home searched and long interrogations.  He’s also been ordered not to talk to the public about the camera and the contents.

No indictment in Palin email hacking case … yet

A federal grand jury in Chattanooga Tennessee has ended its session without handing down an indictment against the alleged email hacker who broke into Sarah Palin’s account.  David Kernell, a 20-year-old student at the University of Tennessee and son of a state Democratic representative, is believed to have illegally accessed the Republican Vice Presidential nominee’s Yahoo account by answering personal questions and resetting the password.

Homeland Security testing ‘mind-reading’ checkpoints

Washington DC - The Department of Homeland Security is currently testing a scanning system that can almost read your mind. Aptly called MALINTENT, the system is sort of like a polygraph test and scans for body temperature, respiration and a voice stress except that in this case the person being scanned isn't hooked up to any cables. MALINTENT is run out of a modified trailer and is currently being tested by the Department of Homeland Security's Directorate for Science and Technology.

Proxy server trail leads FBI to Palin email hacker

FBI agents are using proxy server logs to track down the hacker who broke into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account.  The hacker gained access to the Republican Vice Presidential candidate’s account by resetting the password.  He then posted details of his adventures up on a popular online forum, but that information is now leading reporters and federal investigators to the suspect – a Tennessee university college student and son of state democratic representative Mike Kernell.

Governor Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account hacked

The personal email account of Alaskan Governor and Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was hacked and some of the contents have been posted publicly on the Web. Hackers of the Anonymous group have taken credit for the intrusion and published screenshots of e-mail messages, contact lists, photos and other information belonging to Governor Palin.

Your iPhone is watching you

If you own an iPhone, then your data is public. Everything you do is temporarily stored as a screenshot and hackers and forensic experts alike would have no trouble recovering any data or information from you phone, according to Jonathan Zdziarski who discovered and exposed this flaw - while demonstrating on a webcast how to break the iPhone’s passcode lock.

Anti-virus software may soon be given the boot by something far better

Professor Avishai Wool and graduate student Ohad Ben-Cohen of Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed an approach to battle computer viruses that may put an end to anti-virus software.  The approach is so revolutionary and simple that the days of our machines being slowed to a crawl while every file is checked may soon be a thing of the past.

Chrome is a security nightmare, indexes your bank accounts

Can a browser’s search function work too well?  After playing around with Google’s brand new Chrome browser, we’ve discovered that its history search box will fetch all types of data - even text from HTTPS-protected financial sites like Washington Mutual and Capital One.  With a few utterly simple keywords like balance, account and Sept., everything from balance information, account numbers and even how much you spent at Costco can be pulled up.

How to crash Chrome. Again and again.

Google is proud of a browser that apparently cannot crash. However, a TG Daily reader found a way how to crash not just tabs, but the entire browser time and time again – with two keystrokes.

Google Chrome security not bad at all

With Google’s Chrome browser barely a day old, people are already trying to find security holes.  One security researcher Aviv Raff says he’s found a vulnerability that allows hackers to run almost any executable on the victim’s computer – provided that they are dumb inexperienced enough to click on a download link.  But despite this finding, Chrome’s security features, which include everything from sandboxing to an incognito browsing mode, seem to hold up well for a brand new browser.

Millions more affected by Bank of New York Mellon data breach

iPhone security flaw exposes private data

The Internet's biggest security hole