Brand-new PCs found preloaded with malware

Microsoft has discovered that cybercriminals within the hardware supply chain have been pre-installing malware on PCs in China so that they were infected before they were even taken out of the box.

GoDaddy confirms site outages as service restored

GoDaddy has confirmed that a number of customer web sites and email accounts went down earlier Monday afternoon. 

Claim: Apple IDs were stolen from BlueToad

, not the FBI

Anonymous hackers associated with AntiSec made headlines last week after members of the collective extracted and posted at least a million ID numbers associated with various Apple mobile devices.

Pro-Assad hackers hijack al-Jazeera service

Hackers supporting the Syrian government have hacked the mobile service of the al-Jazeera news network.

Arizona man imprisoned for renting out botnet

A hacker was given 30 months in prison yesterday for selling command-and-control access to thousands of malware-infected computers.

FBI denies hacking claims

The FBI has denied claims by hacking group AntiSec that it snaffled millions of device IDs from an agent's laptop.

Defense wants sentence reduced for WikiLeaks suspect

The civilian lawyer representing Pfc. Bradley Manning has asked a military court to reduce any possible sentence by at least 7 years due to harsh treatment while in custody.

FBI collected millions of Apple device IDs, says AntiSec

Hacking group AntiSec has released more than a million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), claiming it swiped them from an FBI agent's laptop.

Britain tries to assuage WikiLeaks founder over extradition fears

British officials claim WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has a "double guarantee" against any form of extradition from Sweden to the US - if such a legal procedure were to violate his human rights.

WikiLeaks trial could last up to 6 weeks

A US military judge has finally set aside six weeks for the long-awaited court martial of Bradley Manning. 

New arrest over Sony Pictures hack

The FBI has arrested a second LulzSec suspect for the attack on Sony Pictures last year.

Oil company back up after hacktivist virus attack

One of the world's largest oil producers, Saudi Aramco, has confirmed that it was hit by a major cyber-attack earlier this month, but says it's now fixed the 30,000 affected workstations.

WikiLeaks founder ready for long stay at Ecuadorian embassy

Ecuadorean officials have reiterated that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can remain inside the country's London embassy for however long it takes -  "eight years [or] two centuries" if necessary.

Ecuador continues to stand by WikiLeaks founder

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa says the decision to grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum will not be rescinded.

Feds seize three site domains over Android piracy allegations

Federal officials - acting under orders from the US Department of Justice (DoJ) - have seized three website domain names allegedly engaged in the "illegal distribution" of copyrighted Android cell phone apps.

US Marine veteran forcibly detained over Facebook post

A former US Marine has been forced to undergo a lengthy psychiatric evaluation after posting anti-government messages on his Facebook account.  

Anonymous targets UK government in 'Operation Free Assange'

The Anonymous hacking collective says it's brought down several UK government websites in protest at the country's treatment of Julian Assange.

iOS flaw allows SMS spoofing

A well-known hacker claims to have found a significant security flaw in iOS, allowing SMS messages to be spoofed.

WikiLeaks founder asks the United States to stand down

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared on the first-floor balcony of Ecuador's London embassy on Sunday where he asked the United States to end its "witch-hunt" against the whistle-blowing organization.

Shamoon malware stalks, corrupts and deletes

A number of security firms have positively identified a new piece of malware stalking the energy sector.