Hackers deface 300 Pakistani websites

Nearly 300 Pakistani websites were down over the weekend after a hack from a Turkish group called Eboz.

Pentagon eyes advanced EMP grenades

Grenades capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse have long been featured in genre games, movies and books.

Student denies PayPal cyber-attack

Student Christopher Weatherhead was one of four British hackers to attack PayPal in support of Wikileaks, a court heard yesterday.

Hacker found guilty of AT&T data breach

A hacker has been convicted of the AT&T security breach in 2010 in which 120,000 iPad owners' email addresses were leaked.

Facebook moves to more secure connection

Facebook has rolled out HTTPS security across the site, meaning it may be a little slower - but a lot safer.

Anonymous promises more Israeli data leaks

Following its assault on Gaza, Israel has become the target of millions of DDoS attempts, with claims that several hundred websites have been brought down.

Adobe user forum suspended after hack

Adobe has become the latest victim of hackers, suspending its Connectusers.com forum after login details were published online.

Skype disables password resets over big security flaw

Skype has rolled out a fix for a critical security bug.

McAfee founder wanted in connection with island murder

Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee is wanted by police in Belize after the murder of his American neighbor.

This credit card has a display and number pad

There are various methods of making online financial transactions more secure for those who remain uncomfortable with using a standard credit or debit card.

Twitter in hack SNAFU

Twitter acknowledges unintentionally resetting a significant number of account passwords after an unknown number of users were compromised.

NBC, Lady Gaga websites hacked

Several NBC sites were hacked over the weekend, in the run-up to Guy Fawkes' Night.

Report: Pentagon fails to encrypt drone transmissions

A reasonable individual would probably assume US surveillance drones conducting recon missions over combat zones would be broadcasting an encrypted video feed.

Video: US Navy sea drone gets tested

The US Navy is testing at least one remote-controlled combat vessel.

Pentagon's X-51A eyes Mach 6

The Pentagon hopes its X-51A will manage to hit hypersonic velocity by next spring or summer.

TSA barcode flaw could let terrorists bypass security

A vulnerability in the system for US domestic airline boarding cards could tell terrorists when it's safe to take unauthorized items on board.

Most-hacked passwords revealed

It's probably no surprise that 'password' isn't the cleverest password to choose for, say, your online banking. But if you thought 'Jesus' would save you from being hacked, think again.

Boeing's CHAMP missile destroys enemy electronic systems

Non-lethal missile takes out electronics during successful test.

US Navy: Laser-based weapons on track for deployment

US Navy ships may be fitted with laser weapons within just a few years.

Web tracking firm collected personal data

A web analytics company has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it used its web-tracking software to collect personal data.