New Firefox flaws exploit pop-ups, phishing hole

A pair of new flaws in Mozilla's Firefox browser have found ways around the security infrastructure to fool the system and open up user PCs to potential attacks, according to a report published this week by SecuriTeam.

Skype and Symantec partner up to offer online security

Skype and Symantec have partnered up to offer Norton Internet Security and other security products. The products have been "Skype Certified" and will be available through Skype's website at a "special promotion" price.

Phishing attacks begin to avoid anti-phishing tech in browsers - report

The number of phishing attacks has exceeded the number of virus threats for the first time in January, according to a report released today.

Security software alone not enough to beat Internet threats, says CA

The growth of botnets has prompted several voices to claim that the war against this threat already has been lost. However, security software developer CA says the war "is far from over." It can be won, we were told, but Internet users will have to learn websmarts and be cautious about a false sense of security that is created by antivirus software - and Windows Vista.

Microsoft patches an Excel patch

Microsoft has patched a botched Excel security patch that was issued earlier this month. The flawed patch was supposed to fix five critical Excel flaws, but instead made documents inaccessible for some Excel 2000 users.

Massive credit card breach hits discount clothing stores in U.S.A., Canada and United Kingdom

TJX, the owner of popular discount clothing chains like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, has had their credit and debit card systems hacked. In an announcement, the company said the intrusion was discovered in mid-December 2006 and that it affects its T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

"Storm Worm" races across the net

A fast spreading Internet Worm has taken advantage of email users' concern about the recent deadly storm in Europe. The "Storm Worm" has the subject line "230 dead as storm batters Europe" and contains a 30kb attachment that creates a backdoor for further attacks.

Oracle rains down 51 security fixes

Oracle, the huge database company based in Redwood Shores California, has released 51 security fixes for its database products. The fixes come as part of a 'Critical Patch Update' that happens quarterly.

Air travellers to be RFID tagged?

A new RFID tag has been designed and its inventors claim it could improve airport security by tracking passengers as they mingle in the departure lounge.

AOL after spammer's buried gold

After threatening to get tough on serial junk emailers three years ago, AOL intends to show its conviction has not wavered by digging up the garden belonging to the parents of a convicted spammer - in pursuit of buried gold and platinum.