Flame creators may have worked with Stuxnet team

Security experts say that the Stuxnet and Flame viruses share sections of code, indicating that their creators collaborated.

Flame virus wiped out by its creators

The Flame virus discovered last week targeting computers in Iran has been ordered to self-destruct, leaving no trace - and no indication of who created it.

State Department details WikiLeaks fallout

The US State Department has detailed a number of "extraordinary steps" taken to limit international fallout after thousands of classified documents were published on WikiLeaks. 

Government ordered to disclose WikiLeaks docs

A military judge has ordered the Obama administration to disclose a number of confidential documents related to WikiLeaks.

LinkedIn and eHarmony admit hacks

Hackers have hit the dating site eHarmony, along with LinkedIn - giving the business networking service its second major privacy blow in 24 hours.

LinkedIn updates iOS app after privacy issue revealed

LinkedIn's been forced to change its iOS app, following reports that they've been collecting data from users' calendars and sending it back to its servers.

Google warns users of state-sponsored attacks

Google reckons it can tell when an online attack originates from a government, and is to start alerting Gmail users when it happens.

Video: Julian Assange turns cypherpunk

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently hosted a televised panel to discuss whether advances in Internet technology promote freedom or are simply being exploited to further government control over its citizens.

Pentagon suppresses WikiLeaks documents

The Pentagon is currently refusing to release 250,000 pages of documents assessing the damage and fallout related to the transfer of classified documents to WikiLeaks by Pfc. Bradley Manning. 

Hacker group hits Warner Bros and China Telecom

A group calling itself SwaggSec is claiming to have hacked the networks of Warner Bros and China Telecom, and has released documents and logins online.

Report: Obama accelerated cyber attacks against Iran

The Obama administration reportedly ordered "increasingly sophisticated" cyber attacks against Iranian networks linked to nuclear enrichment facilities. 

Assange fights extradition as US eyes WikiLeaks founder

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was recently granted 14 days by a British court to challenge his pending extradition to Sweden where he faces charges of sexual assault. 

Petitioners challenge WikiLeaks trial restrictions

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has filed a petition asking the Army Court of Criminal Appeals to release various documents related to the upcoming US military trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

White House aims to beat the bots

The White House has teamed up with several companies and industry groups to launch an initiative aimed at countering botnets.

Iran claims it has fix for Flame malware

The Iranian government says it has a removal tool for the Flame malware targeting the country's oil industry, and says it will give it to any Iranian organization that's been affected.

Feds form secret 'Net surveillance unit

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly in the process of forming a "secretive" surveillance unit in Quantico, Virginia.

Is the Pentagon withholding WikiLeaks evidence?

Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing a total of 22 charges - including aiding the enemy - after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst ended up on WikiLeaks.

World's most complex malware discovered - after two years in the wild

Researchers have discovered what they say is the most sophisticated malware ever discovered running rampant in the Middle East.

US State Department hacks Al Qaeda websites

The US State Department has claimed responsibility for hacking a number of Al Qaeda administered websites in Yemen. 

WikiLeaks suspect seeks dismissal of 10 counts

Pfc. Bradley Manning is seeking the dismissal of no less than 10 criminal counts against him.