Apple confirms it was targeted by hackers

Apple has positively identified a strain of malware which infected a limited number of Mac systems via a vulnerability in the Java plug-in for browsers.

Burger King hacked, not sold to McDonald's

No, Burger King hasn't been sold to McDonald's, although Burger King's Twitter profile was hijacked earlier by hackers who spoofed a McDonald's logo and photo.

Facebook targeted in "sophisticated attack"

The Facebook security teams has confirmed that the social networking site was targeted in a "sophisticated attack" last month. 

Securing the grid with quantum cryptography

US law enforcement officials have long warned against the possibility of foreign terrorists or hostile hackers attacking the national electrical infrastructure.

250,000 accounts affected by Twitter hack

Twitter has positively identified "unauthorized" attempts to access user data, discovering at least one live attack and shutting down the process moments later.

Video: Pentagon wants laser weapons on fighter jets

The US Department of Defense (DoD) says it may begin ground-based tests of laser weapons mounted on fighter jets and even drones by 2014.

Google's $3 million Pwnium 3 challenge focuses on Chrome OS

Although Google has made security one of the core tenets of Chrome, it freely admits that that no software is perfect, as security bugs have been known to "slip" through even the most thorough review process.

ARM steps up security for connected devices

The UK-based ARM has teamed up with Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) to form a new company known as Trustonic.

Scarlett Johansson hacker given ten years

The man who hacked into the email accounts of celebrities including  Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis has been sentenced to ten years behind bars.

US internet bank heist is real threat, says McAfee

Project Blitzkrieg - a hacking attack against US bank customers threatened for early next year - is a genuine danger, according to security researchers at McAfee.

Hackers release FBI, Pentagon, NASA passwords

The hacking group Team GhostShell, which is affiliated with Anonymous, has released information online relating to 1.6 million government, military and industry accounts.

Tumblr cleans up after hack

Thousands of Tumblr users have been inundated with spam, following a worm launched by hacking group GNAA.

Burglar exploits hotel lock security flaw

A Texas hotel says that a spate of break-ins were carried out by hackers exploiting a security vulnerability in rooms' electronic locks.

Hackers deface 300 Pakistani websites

Nearly 300 Pakistani websites were down over the weekend after a hack from a Turkish group called Eboz.

Student denies PayPal cyber-attack

Student Christopher Weatherhead was one of four British hackers to attack PayPal in support of Wikileaks, a court heard yesterday.

Hacker found guilty of AT&T data breach

A hacker has been convicted of the AT&T security breach in 2010 in which 120,000 iPad owners' email addresses were leaked.

Facebook moves to more secure connection

Facebook has rolled out HTTPS security across the site, meaning it may be a little slower - but a lot safer.

Anonymous promises more Israeli data leaks

Following its assault on Gaza, Israel has become the target of millions of DDoS attempts, with claims that several hundred websites have been brought down.

Adobe user forum suspended after hack

Adobe has become the latest victim of hackers, suspending its forum after login details were published online.

Skype disables password resets over big security flaw

Skype has rolled out a fix for a critical security bug.