In raw numbers, Apple has the most vulnerabilities

A new report from security firm Secunia has found that Apple's products have more vulnerabilities than anyone else.

23-year-old gets his hands on 4 million Pirate Bay accounts

A 23-year-old hacker was able to find a vulnerability in the database of file-sharing giant Pirate Bay, accessing millions of private e-mail addresses and passwords.

Anthem Blue Cross website hack of 200,000+ customers

Identity thieves promise everyone free buckets of Oxycotin and Vicodin Jello shots.

20,000+ Android apps are "suspicious": report

Take a closer look next time you browse through the Android Market: thousands of those apps can do things like make random calls or send texts at will, and they could infect your phone with spyware.

"Clickjacking" worm infects Facebook

Security expert, Graham Cluley, discovers social-engineering trick that has attacked hundreds of thousands on Facebook.

Glitch deletes $600,000 worth of records from Santa Clara

More than a million archived images stored on Santa Clara County Housing Authority computers have been unintentionally scrubbed out, and it's going to cost $600,000 to get them back.

How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook (Video)

 Respects to Lauren Weinstein. We don't often do How To videos, but this one is mandated.

McAfee to reimburse users hit by update glitch

McAfee has said it plans to reimburse users for any costs they incurred to fix their computers after a glitchy security update crashed tens of thousands of machines across the country.

National newspaper hacked by the ticked off

Angry eastern europeans have taken over the pages of one of England's largest newspapers.

Fake Anti-virus Software Roolz

Researchers at Google have discovered that Fake AV accounts for 15% of all malware the company has detected on the web, and 50% of that delivered by ads.

Robotic cognitive spy cam tips up

Human intelligence is apparently way overrated these days, as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveils details about its latest invention; a self guided drone camera which can get around by itself and beam back visual intelligence from behind enemy lines.

Windows XP security advisory warns of zero-day glitch

Microsoft today issued a security advisory to Windows XP users saying that a glitch in Internet Explorer makes it possible for malicious users to craft code that would produce a fake Windows help file.

Military can now Tweet, post to their Wall

The Pentagon announced late Friday that it has lifted bans on social media sites for military personnel, conceding that the restrictions were outdated and in some ways even counter-productive. The move comes as some branches of military have begun using sites like Twitter to communicate more effectively.

Oops! Private Facebook e-mails sent to wrong people

Imagine if your private conversations with family, friends, coworkers, and romantic interests were accidentally being sent to random people instead of you. Well, that's exactly what happened to "a small number of users" during an unusual Facebook glitch late Wednesday night.

Rogue Russian Trojan kills rival

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, or should we say, horse eat horse, with security experts reporting that one particular Trojan program seems to have waged all-out war on its bigger competitor, wiping it off any machine it finds it on. This may sound like white-knight type behavior, but unfortunately for the end victim, the results are the same. 

Facebook caught in spammers' phishing net

Security researchers at the volunteer-based Project Honey Pot warn that spammers will increase their efforts to ensnare hapless Facebook users in nefarious schemes.

Microsoft delayed critical IE patch for months

Microsoft reportedly took at least three months to patch a critical IE6 vulnerability, which allowed Chinese-based hackers to load malware onto Google computers, obtain intellectual property and glean information linked to Gmail users.

Europeans ditch Internet Explorer over security fears

The French and German governments have urged their citizens to consider safer alternatives to Microsoft's popular Internet Explorer browser.

Adobe, 32 others suffered Chinese hack attack

Google data is not the only data to be compromised by attacks by Chinese hackers, according to a report by iDefense.

Body scanners will transmit and store passenger images

A document obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) using Freedom of Information Act laws, clearly demonstrates that scanners used at US airports will store and transmit passenger images.