Security company plans reality TV show for hackers

If parking officers, mall cops, and cake makers can get their own reality show, why not people who actually do something interesting for a living? LIGATT Security International has announced it will be the focus of the first ever reality TV series on computer hacking.

Brazen hacker tries to sell iTunes accounts online

It's the equivalent of trying to commit a crime in broad daylight, so it's not surprising that it took only a short amount of time for Chinese officials to react to the sale of stolen ITunes accounts on a Chinese e-tailer.

Ford lets parents restrict children's driving

We've all seen people of all ages do stupid things on the road, but statistics say that teenagers are still the most accident-prone. Enter the new Ford MyKey feature.

Smartphone malware at an all-time high

PC and Mac users are more educated than ever about viruses and phishing attacks, so what's a hacker to do? Turn his attention to smartphones, of course.

Microsoft sets one-day patch record

Year after year after year, Microsoft has consistently kept its software up-to-date and as safe as possible by releasing security fixes to users at the same time every month. But none of these updates has ever been as big as the one that was pushed out to Windows customers yesterday.

Man creates a fake, virus-infected version of Angry Birds

A mobile security expert has used the high-profile mobile game Angry Birds to demonstrate some gaping security holes in the Android Market. Even though the game had nothing to do with the actual Angry Birds game and was filled with a trojan virus, he had no trouble getting it onto the digital app store.

Office patches don't hit 2004, 2008 Mac editions

In an exceedingly rare move, Microsoft's scheduled patch releases for its Office suite of software was incomplete. It did not release the patches it should have to the 2004 and 2008 Mac editions.

Security overboard! British Royal Navy website hacked

Britain's Royal Navy is finding itself in the middle of a sinking ship this morning as it tries to figure out who hacked its website, how they did it, and what their purpose was.

Flagship online voting suspended ahead of election

A system that would allow American citizens overseas to vote in the November election online is not quite ready for prime time after serious security concerns came up last week.

HP doles out plan to buy ArcSight for $1.5 billion

Most people have never heard of a tech security company called ArcSight, but HP wants to buy it for a pretty nice-size price tag of $1.5 billion.

Burglars used Facebook statuses to target homes

Police have arrested three men for burglarizing more than 18 homes in the Northeast, but the case ends up making the victims look more stupid than anything else.

Apple puts 13 new bandaids on Mac OS X

Apple has doled out its latest security update to the Mac OS X operating system, this time plugging up 13 holes in the software that could be exploited by hackers.

School that spied with student webcams won't face charges

Apparently there is nothing criminal about a school district that takes a whole bunch of pictures of its students in bed.

Researchers hack into moving car's security system

A team of university researchers has shown that it is possible to infiltrate a car's computer system while it is moving at highway speeds, proving the security risks of having computer-controlled vehicles.

Microsoft rolls out gigantic security update

Microsoft's regularly scheduled security update is getting a bit more than its typical once-over this morning, as it patches 34 different problems, tying the record for the most vulnerabilities ever tackled in one of the company's standard updates.

Judge bewildered by fraudster who swallowed USB drive

Brooklyn Magistrate Viktor Pohorelsky heard a piece of testimony yesterday that isn't exactly common in federal court: he heard details of a man who swallowed a USB Flash drive in order to try to destroy criminal evidence contained therein.

As many as 4 million people downloaded data-stealing Android app

A seemingly innocuous Android app that let users change their phone's wallpaper has actually been stealing private user information and may have been downloaded millions of times.

Super hackers taken down in Slovenia

Three men responsible for bringing down the computers of powerful Fortune 1000 companies and international banks have finally been arrested in their home country of Slovenia.

Citibank customers may have exposed info through iPhone app

Citigroup issued a warning today noting that there were some security loopholes in its mobile banking iPhone app, and also released an update that patches the hole.

Mozilla ups the ante, gives away $3,000 for Firefox bugs

Attention all expert hackers: find a serious vulnerability in Firefox or Thunderbird and you could get $3,000! And a free t-shirt to boot.