Julian Assange returns to court to fight extradition

An attorney for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was back in court today to do a little tap dance for his freedom. They argue that his extradition case to Sweden over sexual assault allegations is flawed.

Groupon's privacy policy changes

Location-specific deal site Groupon has instituted a new privacy policy.

Washington Post hack exposes job seekers

The latest online hack attack compromised the security of users who simply wanted to get a job.

WikiLeaks accepting credit card funds again

You can’t keep a good whistleblowing website down for long. WikiLeaks is able to accept credit card donations again.     

Secret Service looking into Fox News Twitter hack

The Secret service is looking into the hacking of Fox News’s political Twitter account.

Gannett cyber attack targets U.S. troops

A Gannett Co database was hacked recently. The database contained information about some of their subscribers who also happen to be U.S. military personnel.     

China's army creates an online war game

China already has a cyber-warfare team, so what’s their next logical step in technology assisted warfare? It’s an online war game.

PrivateSky guards online exchanges from unwanted eyes

On Wednesday a free service called PrivateSky was launched. It lets Internet users shield email, Facebook updates, and other exchanges from Internet snoops.

Webcam hacker uses "hot steam" ploy to get nude pics

This Apple repair tech wanted a little more than just the ability to remotely tap into women's webcams.

Chrome bugs net $10,000 for eagle-eyed advocates

Google's courageous bug bounty hunter program is paying off.

Report: Spammers trap victims with URL-shortening sites

Shameless spammers are creating their own URL-shortening sites to elude anti-spam initiatives on the 'Net.

Sony Ericsson website becomes the latest hacking victim

The saga of Sony hacks continues, this time targeting the company's mobile phone unit.

Facebook rolls out new log-in security feature

The process of logging into Facebook just got a bit more secure and a bit more complicated... but only if you want it.

No, an IP address is not a person

A recent sentence handed down by District Court Judge Harold Baker could help curb the wave of pay-up-or-else lawsuits routinely served against alleged file-sharers.

Bug hunters collect $16,500 from Chrome 11 launch

Google has paid out handsomely to developers who helped prep Chrome 11 for launch.

Feds in Detroit search Facebook for crime info

In Detroit federal investigators are getting search warrants to gain access to the Facebook accounts of suspected criminals.

Hacker says he cracked Federal Reserve Bank

It seems as if hackers will always find a way of breaching even the most sophisticated and secure networks.

Five apprehended in California chip heist

Two months ago, almost 1.7 million Intel flash memory chips were stolen from a Unigen facility in California. The total value was initially assessed at $26 million, but since then, has increased to almost $37 million.

"Supreme Commander" arrested for creating phantom U.S. Army unit

A resident of a Los Angeles suburb was recently arrested on charges of creating a phantom army unit to extort money from Chinese nationals.

AT&T hacker posts bail, leaves jail

Andrew Auernheimer, the man accused of sneaking into AT&T's website and finding a back door to personal data of its thousands of 3G iPad customers, has managed to foot the $50,000 bail levied against him.