Americans value their digital data more than...

38% of Americans would rather lose their wedding ring than all the files on their computer, and that's just the beginning of the insights provided by a new study on the importance of digital data.

Watch out for the data-stealing fake Netflix app

If you're an Android owner and a Netflix user, you've no doubt realized that the official Netflix Android app is now finally compatible with a lot of devices.

Obama enhances computer security

By the end of this week, there will be sweeping changes to the way the government handles highly sensitive information.

HTC scrambles to fix Android security glitch

HTC admits its proprietary "Sense" Android software has a glaring security hole and said it is working to patch it up before any malicious app makers try to exploit it.

Senator Schumer wants Onstar privacy probe

One of the leading Democrats in the US Senate has some harsh words for the way Onstar handles customer privacy.

Apple hiring "product security managers"

Just days after one of its employees lost an iPhone prototype, Apple is now looking for people to help prevent similar situations in the future.

Study: 25% of mobile finance apps pose security risks

You might want to be a little more careful the next time you plunk down all your private information into a personal finance app.

Amazon wants the government in its cloud

Amazon is now offering cloud-based services to the U.S. government.

NSA hiring recruits for cyber Cold War

The National Security Agency (NSA) is looking for a few good cybersecurity experts. They’re hoping to hire as many as 3,000 people over the next two years - so the agency can be fully staffed for a "cyber Cold War."

Sprint partners with McAfee for Android security

Sprint has formed a new relationship with security leader McAfee in a push to make its Android phones a little bit safer.

Top Finnish prosecutor wants to stop online hate speech

Authoritarian calls to monitor "dangerous language" used on the Internet are growing in Finland, with one senior government official claiming he is pursuing such an initiative for the public's own good.

Scammers target Harry Potter website

The newest victims of an online hoax are people who want nothing more than access to a special new Harry Potter website.

Researchers highlight Square vulnerabilities

It looks like Square might want to stop cutting corners if they want to be taken seriously. Yesterday, researchers at the Black Hat security conference showed two ways in which the Square payment system could be used to commit fraud.

How to track net neutrality with N00ter

Network security expert Dan Kaminsky has debuted a software tool designed to monitor net neutrality and uncover ISPs filtering traffic.

Mobile malware explodes in first half of 2011

If you own an Android phone or iPhone, you're 2.5 more times likely to accidentally download malware today than you were in January.

Are spymasters targeting hacktivists?

With more and more cyber attacks against governments and corporations, there is a growing belief that hackers could be potentially be exploited or actively recruited by various government entities.

Anonymous claims breach of NATO security

Anonymous is at it again. The hacker collective says that they have broken through NATO security and accessed a significant amount of restricted material.

Google warns users of malware on Windows

Google sometimes does good deeds for the Internet community. They are using the wide reach of the Internet to inform Windows users of potential malware threats on their computer.

Pirate Bay judge faces threats, hacks

The judge in one of the most infamous digital piracy cases to date has become a target for piracy advocates.

Apple makes S. Korea payment over tracking

Apple may be a corporate mega giant who is creating a cult of personality, but even they aren’t immune to South Korean law.