Togetherville: bringing children to social networking

When it comes to social networking, Facebook pretty much has a stronghold on everything...well, except for the young ones out there who cannot sign up due to the site's age restriction. Enter, a new social networking site that launched its beta version this week. It allows the little tykes out there to have their very first social networking account, with parents required to sign up as a supervisor on the account.

NBC streamed 4.4 million hours of Olympic video

The company that killed, nay, murdered, Law & Order, makes kissy face with Microsoft and Silverlight.

Sony, Intel, Google to make Internet-powered TV a reality

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google's interactive TV software, which will be powered by a tailored version of its Android operating system, is expected to be officially announced at its "I/O" event on Thursday.

Myspace: "We respect our users' privacy"

People are running away from Facebook as though it was just infected with a zombie virus or something. Analysts are saying that user privacy is becoming less and less of a concern, and Mark Zuckerberg is doing nothing to calm everyone down. There's just no winner in a situation like this. Oh wait...

DSL Phantom Mode: na Jar Jar Binks

Alcatel-Lucent has come up with a way of increasing the capacity of DSL on copper wires to 300 Mbps.

Delta in-flight Wi-Fi hits 1 million users

More than 430 aircraft on Delta's mainline fleet now are equipped to offer Wi-Fi service while passengers are above 10,000 feet in the air, and more than 1 million customers have logged onto the digital mile-high club.

Twitter finally revamps home page

After 4 years of failing to convey its message to first-time Twitter users, the micro-blogging site has refreshed its home page that now does a better job of showing what Twitter is all about.

Tweeters can now be stalked in real life

Twitter has unveiled a tool that allows users to tag each of their posts with their current location. Now people can know the exact areas where each hourly musing is posted.

Internet nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The internet - yes, the internet - is believed to be in the running for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness... and internet access

Four in five people around the world reckon internet access is their fundamental right, according to a poll conducted for BBC World Service.

Alaska Airlines seals in-flight Wi-Fi deal

Alaska Airlines has announced that nearly its entire fleet of aircraft will have Wi-Fi connectivity by the end of the year. The airline signed the deal yesterday after completing tests with multiple potential technology providers.

Facebook blamed for wild teenage party

Facebook seems to get the blame for almost anything these days, and the case of 16 year old Aneesh Shukla who used the social not-working site to invite all his friends over for a wild party while his parents were away is no exception.

Gmail challenges Facebook with new social feed

Google is apparently planning to challenge Facebook by rolling out a new feature that will allow Gmail users to easily view and set detailed social status updates.

Intel Itanium outsells AMD Opteron

Intel kicked off its Itanium presentation today by saying the Itanium's system revenue since the introduction of 2001 has crossed the $5 billion mark. That outsells total sales of AMD's Opterons.

Facebook crumbles under wrath of Arrington

 A rather embarrassing incident has left Facebook saving face, as the firm has had to apologize to a user whose vanity URL it snatched, purportedly to sell to a company for cold hard cash.

Get a job, you twit!

 If you’ve got oodles of time to waste on services like Twitter, it probably means you need a job, and guess what? Tweetdeck wants to help you find one.

Google abandons online for paper

On January 27 Google is holding an enormous bash in London to promote its Chrome browser.

Old plaster walls can block Wifi signals

If you're cursing your lousy Wifi signal, it may just be because you're sitting inside a Faraday cage.  

Microsoft tweaks Zune Twitter app

What would Bill Hicks say?

Multi Gigabit wireless spec finalized

WiGig Alliance signs up four new members