Virtual Second Life world hit by real hackers

The virtual world of Second Life has been hit with some very real criminals. Linden Lab, the owners of Second Life, has warned players that hackers have illegally accessed a database containing player names and financial information. As a precaution, the company has invalidated all accounts and is requiring players to make new passwords.

Conference in 499 friends with Yahoo's IM

An announcement today from Vapps, a company that provides the technology for free widespread conference calling over the Internet, confirmed that Yahoo's IM will get a group-focused "Messenger With Voice" service.

Linksys prepping Wi-Fi Skype phone?

Culver City (CA) - According to information posted on the FCC ID registration website on Thursday, it looks like Linksys could be jumping into the Wi-Fi Skype phone fray. The registration documents for the WIP310 at first appear to be for a phone similar to the SIP-based WIP300 that is already available. But a more careful look at the documents reveals a "Skype-certified" WIP320 model.

Samsung Telecom accused of hosting malicious code

Samsung Telecommunications America has malicious code on its website that disables antivirus programs, modifies registry keys and logs keystrokes when users attempt to download information from the site.

AOL calls developers on AIM phoneline

A programming contest for the most innovative and useful applications on the AIM Phoneline platform will pay out $4500 in prizes.

Vonage reaches 2 million subscribers, far from profitability

Vonage yesterday announced it had passed the 2 million-subscriber mark, but at least one analyst said the company needs to more than double its size to reach profitability.

Wi-Fire antenna promises to triple Wi-Fi range

A small startup company is developing a wireless antenna that promises to dramatically extend range. According to documents filed with the FCC, hField Technologies is developing its "Wi-Fire" wi-fi b/g antenna system which plugs into a USB port. Using a combination of directional and powered amplification, the antenna promises to triple wireless range for the "seriously mobile" user.

Glendale, CA going wireless

Glendale, a suburb just north-east of Los Angeles, is going wireless. The City Council voted on Tuesday to request proposals to make a city-wide wi-fi network. Tourists, residents and businesses would be able to access the network for a "reasonable fee", according to Steven Hronek, the city's communications director.

DirectTV to test VoIP offerings

DirectTV, a television satellite company, will start testing VoIP. The company is partnering up with Vistula Communications Services in a six month trial.

First Skype phones without need for PC connection announced

With over 100 million customers already tapped into the voice-over IP messenger, Skype is now accessible through the first pair of cordless phones that integrate Skype software with a traditional landline phone, without the need to connect to a PC. The new phones will function almost identically to a regular handset - with the exception of emergency calls.

Sierra Wireless to offer HSDPA, EV-DO Rev A via USB

Not a day's passed after we caught word of Sprint's launch of Novatel's S720 PC Card do we hear that Sierra Wireless has a proverbial one-two punch of WWAN modems up its sleeve, this time of the USB variety.

Firefox 2.0 RC2: The more things stay the same, the more they change

D-Link adds dual-drive BYOD NAS

D-Link yesterday introduced a two-bay network storage enclosure.

Novatel Wireless and Sprint launch first EV-DO Rev. A US broadband service

The evolution of wireless broadband in North America has been one, to borrow a phrase, of fits and starts. Last March, Novatel Wireless and Sprint announced they'd fit themselves together somehow to give Rev. A of EV-DO service a try on this continent; today, the two announced they're finally ready to start. Sprint will be rolling out EV-DO Rev. A broadband service for its burgeoning line of mobile users, and Novatel Wireless will be providing second-generation Merlin S720 cards for the job.

Wi-Fi Alliance cozies up to industry, promises to certify draft 802.11n products

The only organization able to make the anything-goes WLAN industry toe the line has decided to take a less objective approach. The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced it plans to adopt a two-phase plan that includes certification of draft status 802.11n products.

Sharp announces tiny wireless LAN module with record low power consumption

Sharp recently announced that it has developed what it claims is the smallest wireless LAN module for portable devices with the lowest electricity consumption ever.

Atheros releases "cost optimized" draft 11n chipset and network processor line

Atheros today announced the launch of a cost-optimized draft 802.11n chipset featuring a 2x2 MIMO design. It also introduced a line of network processors.

Culver City starts filtering Wi-Fi access

Some web surfers on Culver City's free wireless network won't be able to access some content anymore. The Southern California city has installed network filters to prohibit pornographic and peer-to-peer traffic. City officials ordered filtering the content after they noticed some users are downloading pornographic content.

Microsoft announces Internet Explorer 7 RC1

Microsoft today released the first release candidate of its Internet Explorer 7 web browser. The "RC1" does not add new features over the most recent beta, but includes fine-tunings to prepare the software for official launch.

Pre-N sales boost wireless market - report

Sales of draft 802.11n wireless access points boosted general wireless sales last quarter according to a recently released report by the Dell'Oro Group. The market research firm said 802.11n routers took 8 percent of the router market revenue during the 2nd quarter. Overall revenues were up 30% from the same quarter in 2005.