Gateway offering draft 11n wireless options

Gateway Computer has joined other PC manufacturers in offering draft 802.11n wireless options for its consumer lines of desktop and notebook PCs.

Intel's "Kedron" Wi-Fi interface gets FCC approval

Chicago (IL) - Public records of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate that Intel has received clearance for its wireless component of its upcoming "Santa Rosa" platform. Scheduled for launch in Q2 of next year, Santa Rosa will include the main chipset "Crestline" and the Wi-Fi link "Kedron," Intel's first 802.11n capable network chip.

AOL releases AIM 6.0

It has been nearly a year since AOL launched its next generation Triton AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) client.

Microsoft muscles into the client security market

Symantec's and McAfee's worst nightmare has arrived. Microsoft has launched a beta version of their Forefront Client Security solution which fights spyware, viruses and rootkits. The software is aimed towards corporate customers who need a management server along with client protection.

Singapore wireless freeloader faces three years imprisonment

You better think twice before accessing another person's wireless network in Singapore. 17-year-old Garyl Tan Jia Luo is the first person accused of violating the country's Computer Misuse Act and now faces up to three years imprisonment. Authorities say he used his laptop to access his neighbors wireless access point.

Sun open sources Java

Sun Microsystems has announced that it is releasing its Java technology as open source under the GNU General Public License version two. Java Platform Standard Edition, Java Micro Edition and Platform Enterprise Edition will fall under the GPSv2 license. The Java Development Kit will also be released as free software.

Microsoft ships new malware hunting utility

On the heels of its July 2006 acquisition of Mark Russinovich's Winternals Software, Microsoft has replaced the popular Regmon and Filemon utilities with a single tool offering advanced capabilities for real-time monitoring of registry and process thread activity.

Google denies YouTube legal slushfund

Google CEO Eric Schmidt denied Internet rumors that the company has put $500 million away in a legal slushfund. The fund was supposedly to fend off piracy and copyright claims from movie and other media companies over unauthorized videos on YouTube.

Skype 3.0 intros moderated chats

Skype today released the first public beta version of its next-generation Instant messenger and VoIP client. Described as a ""major milestone release,"" Skype 3.0 will become more social and more mainstream with a public chat feature that allows users to create their own chatrooms in a matter in a matter of minutes. Extra: Image Gallery

Windows users vulnerable to "extremely critical" site coding bug

According to advisories published by several security companies, there is a new security flaw that can be exploited through Microsoft's XML Core Services, causing affected users to lose control of their computers in what a security company is calling an "extremely critical" vulnerability.

AOL opens new AIM tools to developers

AOL today announced the beta launch of AIM Whimsicals, a new set of Web-based application programming interfaces (APIs) that give Internet developers the tools to embed AIM services and features directly into any Web site.

Internet grows to over 100 million websites

According to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft, the Internet has blossomed to more than 100 million websites this month. According to the report, new online stores and the explosion of blogs helped to reach the new milestone so quickly.

New Windows exploit could disable firewall

Redmond (WA) - Security researchers have discovered a new Windows flaw that could allow hackers to crash the built-in firewall. By sending malformed DNS packets to vulnerable machines, hackers could disable and eventually bypass the operating system firewall. So far only Windows XP computers with the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service turned on are affected by the attack.

VoIP has lots of opportunity - ISuppli

Worldwide VoIP equipment revenues will rise to US$11.9 billion in 2010, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.7% from US$3.95 billion in 2005, according to iSuppli.The VoIP market encompasses three user segments: private branch exchanges (PBXs) for enterprises, infrastructure operated by service providers and residential-access equipment.

Metasploit tool going wireless

Jon "Johnny Cache" Ellch and other computer security researchers are adding wireless exploit tools into the upcoming version 3.0 of the Metasploit penetration testing toolkit. The tools will allow hackers to inject raw packets into wireless streams and potentially crash or takeover systems.

MySpace accounts compromised by phishers?

Netcraft said that it has discovered that social networking site MySpace appears to have been compromised by phishers who have presented a spoof login form on the main site.

Microsoft releases Windows Desktop Search 3.0

Redmond (WA) - Just one week after the release of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has released its latest incarnation of the Windows Desktop Search (WDS). WDS 3.0 searches through all types of documents including emails, music and even your Outlook appointments. Click here for WDS 3.0 screenshots...

Microsoft releases final version of Windows Defender

Microsoft released the final version of its proprietary antispyware application, Windows Defender. The security tool, which saw its last public beta release in February, is a free download for US customers running Windows and promises to protect PC owners from malicious spyware hacks entering their systems.

D-Link offers power line home network kit

D-Link, the company best known for its home networking products, today announced the availability of a new device, the "Power Line Network Kit", which allows consumers to expand an existing home network through existing electrical wiring.

Sonic Wall intros 3G wireless network security appliance

Sonic Wall yesterday introduced the Sonic Wall TZ 190, a network security appliance for 3G wireless broadband connections.