Tweeting Steelers player sues over endorsement deal

Pro athletes who use Twitter often get themselves in trouble. Rashard Mendenhall is finding out that posting your opinions through tweets can cost you millions.  

NBC and Facebook to be partners in GOP debate

President Obama embraced social media as a candidate and he won the presidency. So naturally the Republican candidates in this election will use Facebook in in their quests for the big job.

New women joining Google+ sausage fest

It looks like Google+ might not be a social media sausage fest after all.

Facebook used to save the life of a child

Sometimes Facebook is more than just a billion dollar timewaster. Every once and a while it can be used for something more important than narcissism.

Google+ has 10 million members

When it comes to social media Google moves fast.

How to update Facebook in Google+

Ever since the Google+ beta launched a few weeks ago, obsessive social networkers have complained about the lack of Facebook integration preventing users from cross posting between sites. 

Is it legal to track cheating spouses?

The use of hidden GPS equipment to track (allegedly) cheating spouses is quite controversial. Of course, the strongest argument against this practice is the obvious invasion of privacy.

Is Twitter worth $7 billion?

Even though Twitter hasn't made any declarations about a potential IPO or even hinted of the possibility of going public any time soon, our favorite micro-blogging client may soon be valued at around $7 billion.

Rumor: China wants a piece of Facebook

Yes folks, you read that right. 

It seems a Chinese sovereign fund has contacted Citibank and a former Facebook employ requesting help to purchase a not so "huge chunk" of the popular social networking site.

Facebook blocking Friend Exporter plugin

Facebook is at it again. They’re giving people even more reasons to question their actions.

Is Facebook the tenth most hated company in the U.S.?

Did you know that Facebook recently weighed in at number 10 of the most hated organizations in the United States?

Mark Zuckerberg now worth $18 billion

Although not even 30 years old yet, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been dubbed the third richest person in the tech industry.

FTC is investigating Twitter

The Feds are looking at exchanges between Twitter and UberMedia.

Olympians get permission to tweet away in 2012

In 2012, athletes at the London Olympics will be able to blog and comment on Twitter. They just better not do it for money.

Microsoft testing white-space broadband in UK

Microsoft, BT, and other companies have teamed up to test a system providing broadband services via unused television spectrum.

Afghani city builds its own internet

With internet censorship sweeping the globe, one group in Afghanistan has the answer - build your own from cheap parts and trash.

Wyo. gov’t using Google computing services

Wyoming is now the first state to rely on Google computing services for its entire executive branch of government.

Netflix goes down over the weekend

Customers wanting to spend the end of Father's Day watching a movie on Netflix were sorely disappointed.

Thinglink enables picture storytelling with sound, video, & Twitter

"Every picture is worth a thousand words," is a saying made true by Thinglink technology.

Obama's head tech guy announces resignation

The first person ever appointed by a president as "CIO" has tendered his resignation.