D-Link Xtreme N gets Wi-Fi N Certification

11n Draft 2.0 gear not working yet, but does anyone really care?

Dell bundles online storage with computers

Dell has started bundling online storage with new Inspiron and XPS desktops and laptops.

Amazon’s Gigabytes for Sale

Amazon is known for selling books and gadgets, but businesses can now purchase extra computing power and storage from the etailer.

American broadband isn’t so broad – report

A new report by the Communications Workers of America says broadband Internet speeds in the United States are lagging years behind other nations.

Wi-fi aggregators lower hotspot prices

Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere and aggregators are connecting them for your convenience and their profit.  Companies like Boingo Wireless allow subscribers to log into more than 100,000 hotspots for a monthly fee.

Nortel and Zyxel team up on WiMAX solutions

AT&T offering $10 DSL service

AT&T has begun offering a $10/month DSL Internet service, which, according to a report posted by the Seattle Post Intelligencer (SPI), is part of the concessions made by the company to the Federal Communications Commission in order to get its acquisition of BellSouth approved.

Sling Media announces powerline ethernet adapters

Netgear intros 2-in-1 Powerline Network Extender

Netgear today announced a power adapter with built-in HomePlug 1.0 network interface.

Netgear prepares second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone

Chicago (IL) – Netgear has received approval for what appears to be the company’s second-generation Skype Wi-Fi phone. There is very little information available beyond the fact that the new phone will be called the SPH200W and likely will succeed the first generation SPH101. However, the new model is more compact, has a slightly revised keypad layout and comes with a different charging unit that is now integrated in a cradle.  

Global DSL subscriber count tops 200 million

Lacie announces 2 TB home NAS

Lacie will soon begin offering a new version of its Ethernet Big Disk with a storage capacity of 2 TB.

Intel ready to release WiMax module orders, say sources

Jail Bait? Combine six wireless networks into one private LAN.

GAO slams FBI network security

The Government Acountability Office has released a report that slams the FBI’s network security.

Netgear 11n Draft 2.0 upgrade released

Netgear has quietly released new firmware for its WNR854T RangeMax Next Wireless Router - Gigabit Edition wireless router.

Cisco router snafu disconnects Japan from the Net

Thousands of Cisco routers belonging to Nippon Telephone and Telegraph East failed on Tuesday and knocked out millions of Japanese broadband Internet customers.

First products get new 802.11n draft 2.0 certification

Austin (TX) - The Wi-Fi Alliance announced this week that it has certified the first slate of products to carry the new certification of 802.11n draft 2.0. The new standard aims for industry-wide interoperability to allow completely networked homes and businesses to be more of a reality.  This includes wireless transfer of photos, music, video, and other data.

HomePlug speeds 200 Mbps through your power lines

Most computer users have dealt with computer cables strewn around the house, but the HomePlug PowerLine Alliance hopes to get rid of some of the mess by piggybacking networking signals on top of regular power lines. At the WinHEC conference in Los Angeles, HomePlug reps showed us how homeowners can easily stream multiple high definition video signals through regular wall sockets.