Software bug took Skype out

Skype today provided a few more information pieces about the reasons behind its massive network outage last week.

Global GSM/WCDMA/HSPA subscribers top 2.5 billion mark in 2Q07, says GSA

DirecTV to sell Powerline broadband

Asustek launches quad-LAN server motherboard

T-Mobile planning VoIP service?

Chicago (IL) – A new wireless broadband router popped up on the FCC website today, indicating the Linksys and T-Mobile are working together on expanding the T-Mobile Hotspot@Home service from a cellphone to multiple home phone lines.

Bluetooth spec updated to version 2.1+EDR

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted the Bluetooth specification 2.1+EDR, which promises to improve the pairing process and the power consumption of Bluetooth devices.

D-Link expects to ship a million 802.11n products in Q4 07

Iomega rolls out new NAS line

Iomega today added new members to its  StorCenter Network Hard Drive product line.

Wistron NeWeb enters design-in for Google Talk Wi-Fi phones

Beijing Olympics to accelerate FTTH deployment in China

Can anyone get the connected home right?

Analyst Opinion - We’ve been trying to make the idea of the connected home work for decades.  I can recall shortly after Disneyland opened they had a showcase home of the future which stayed in place from 1957 to 1967.  It was kind of funny was when it was torn down: It was so well built the wrecking ball just bounced off the walls, kind of a super hero house.

Novatel intros 7.2 Mb/s HSUPA mobile modem

Americans and Europeans close on satellite navigation agreement

The United States and European Union are close to linking up their respective satellite navigation systems to improve reliability and accuracy for users on the ground.

U.S. trails major broadband technology trends

A new report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) highlights the changes and market dynamics in the telecommunications industry within its 30 member countries. The collected data shows that the U.S. currently does not have leadership role in driving or adopting cutting edge broadband technology.

NTT DoCoMo testing out 300 Mbps “Super G” service in Japan

Rev up those mobile phones because Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is testing out “Super G” cellular service in Tokyo that can hit up to 300 Mbps speeds.

Japan mulling tax on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, other devices

On July 5, a workshop was held by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) to consider imposing a “Radio Utilization Fee”.

Who said wireless routers have to be boring?

Compton (CA) – Belkin today unveiled a fancy new router that you actually do not have to hide below your desk or on the corner of a shelf.    

Update: New DSL service from Earthlink does not require extra phone service

Earthlink today launched its “Freestanding DSL” service, which the company says does not require customers to sign up for separate local telephone service from their phone company.

Campgrounds going Wi-Fi

You might want to bring a laptop to your next camping trip because more camp sites are adding wi-fi to attract customers.

Vendors begin slashing prices for 802.11n devices