How To Fix Your Wireless Network - Part 1

If you've just about given up on troubleshooting your wireless LAN, give our new How To a try. Part 1 provides with some basic WLAN knowledge to start you down the path.

QNAP TS-209 Pro review: Mini-server or NAS? You decide!

Last year, when we did a review of the TS-101 from QNAP, we found it to be a powerful little NAS with a few drawbacks, the main one being limited availability in the US. Now, a year later, QNAP has improved their US distribution channels, and has come out with the TS-209 Pro Turbo Station, a higher-end unit geared more toward business users than home users.

IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub and Adapter Review: Deja Vu all over again

"Certified" Wireless USB may have killed off its "Cable Free" competitor. But its first-generation "dongle-and-hub" products look like more of the same--expensive and slow.

Motorola unveils desktop WiMax modem

Chicago (IL) – As expected, Motorola showed off its first production-ready consumer WiMax modem at the WiMax World USA conference today. The company also had a fully functional Wi-Fi/WiMax router on display.    

Intel demos Echo Peak WiMax/Wi-Fi notebook

Chicago (IL) – Intel today demonstrated a functional notebook based on the Montevina platform, which will include the firm’s first integrated Wimax/Wi-Fi chipset codenamed Echo Peak.    

Propel’s personal bandwidth manager

Poor Skype or VoIP call quality is often the result of competing traffic and the guys at Propel Software Group have something that can fix it. San Diego (CA) – Poor Skype or VoIP call quality is often the result of competing traffic and the guys at Propel Software Group have something that can fix it.  The company’s Personal Bandwidth Manager is a client side application that prioritizes traffic so that critical time sensitive data, like VoIP calls, get out first.  You can think of it as Quality of Service (QoS) on the desktop side.

How To Back Up Offsite for Free with rsync

You don't have to play by the rules set by online storage services. Set up your own secure remote backup using Windows machines.

Motorola to show WiMax chipset for handheld devices

Motorola to debut consumer WiMax modem

Motorola will be unveiling what is expected to be one of the first WiMax modems that will be available to consumers. The CPEi 300 will debut at WiMax World USA this week.

Google to lay broadband cable under the Pacific Ocean?

D-Link DFL-CPG310 Review: Decent UTM, Funky VPN

D-Link and Checkpoint have put together a nice small-biz UTM gateway. Too bad that the bundled VPN client isn't equally useful.

Intel searching for new ways to use WiMax

Taking the stage bright and early and in rapid succession were the two men most responsible for Intel’s mobile products, Dadi Perlmutter and Anand Chandrasekher. They brought forth a vision for Intel sees as the future of mobility. And it’s a lower power, greater performance, IA-32, always connected mobile world of wide MID (Mobile Internet Device) use.

Vista Networking: Part 1- The Dragon's Trap

Vista brings more annoyances than benefits to those seeking relief from networking hassles.

Synology Disk Station DS107 Series: Impressive, Versatile NAS

Synology's trio of single-drive BYOD NASes lets you match performance and features to your budget. But any of them are a winning choice.

ZyXEL NSA-2400: Does RAID 10 make it a "10"?

Zyxel packed a lot of features into its four-drive BYOD RAID NAS. Too bad that jumbo frame support wasn't one of them.

Vonage adds flat-fee international plans

Chicago dumps city-wide Wi-Fi plans

Iomega announces Home Network Hard Drive

Iomega today announced its low-priced Home Network Hard Drive product line.

Skype outage raises P2P fears

Skype apologizes