Claim: US government personnel used MegaUpload

The legal saga surrounding the file sharing and storage website is obviously far from over, as hearings to extradite Kim Dotcom to the States for trial won't kick off until the summer.

Twisting radio waves could boost capacity

Radio congestion could be dramatically eased by twisting the waves into spirals.

China now has 500+ million online users

There has been an enormous explosion in the number of Chinese citizens who now have access to the Internet.

Claim: Facebook is making us miserable

For most people Facebook is a fun social networking site that allows them to communicate with friends and family.

A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet

More than 100 million adults on the EU have never surfed the web, new European Union statistics show.

PayPal lets friends send each other cash on Facebook

PayPal has coded an app that allows users to send each other cash on Facebook.

DOE announces 100 Gbps network

The US Department of Energy will next month demonstrate an upgrade to the ESnet academic network that will take its speed up to 100 Gbps.

Newspaper websites see 20 percent increase in traffic

Remember newspaper publishers? Well, the old school media managed to generate 20 percent more total visits to their websites in September.

Microsoft cloud collapse leads to temporary headache

Microsoft's cloud had a rainy morning today as it collapsed due to technical glitches.

Is social media good or bad for kids?

As you probably already know, social networking can be either good or bad for kids. But if you secretly conduct preventive surveillance over your child’s social media, you might be wasting your time.

Comcast offers $10 per month internet

Comcast has announced plans to offer internet access to low-income families for just $10 per month, saying it wants to help close the digital divide.

Google+ now has 25 million users

Google is trying to be the industry leader in every Internet service. It looks like it’s working, they’re getting people to use their social networking services at Google+ at a fast pace.

Broadband providers delivering advertised speeds, says FCC

The Federal Communications Commission has released a report saying that most US broadband providers are delivering speeds close to what they promise.

Google snaps up Dealmap

Google is taking a highlander approach when it comes to providing Internet services. They’re buying up companies that provide popular services, because in the end there can be only one.

Malaysian police arrest two over Facebook murder

Police in Malaysia said Tuesday that they have arrested two people they think beat a man to death. All because he said some mean things to one of his female Facebook friends.

How to heat your home with a data furnace

Looking for an effective way to reduce heating costs? Well, researchers at Microsoft and the University of Virginia have proposed a novel solution.

Facebook one ups Google+ with biz launch

After Google locked businesses out of Google+ (for now), Facebook has strategically launched an online guide describing how corporations can benefit from using the social networking site. Excellent timing if you ask me.

"F-You Washington" hashtag sparks a Twitter revolution

Blogger Jeff Jarvis seems to have cause quite the uproar on Twitter after sending out a tweet with the hashtag "F***YouWashington."

Finland to step up 'Net monitoring after Norway attacks

Finnish police are taking no chances after the attacks on their neighbors in Norway. They are going to begin watching the Web more strictly for signs of extremism.

NYC hopes tech can help reduce traffic

Gridlock may not be synonymous with New York City for much longer.