The cloud turns CIOs into services entrepreneurs

CIOs ignore cloud computing at their peril

Stealth tax to fund UK broadband plans

Opinion - The UK Government is to impose a tax on all fixed business and residential phone lines in Britain to achieve its aim of providing broadband access to every home by 2012.

TWC stomps its feet over metered Internet plans

Opinion – Time Warner Cable (TWC) is upset. There may be some competition on the horizon for this and other cable companies and as usual, the company had an allergic reaction on that prospect and complained to the FCC that there is no way that the government could sponsor potential competitors to deliver broadband to “underserved” areas. Gee guys, could it be that you need a bit more competition to live up to what you are supposed to provide to American consumers?

Users outraged, falling for "Twitter's Premium Paid Accounts" hoax

After three long years without a defined business model, and enduring constant criticism because of it, Twitter had apparently offered its users a variety of paid services. When the report of Twitter's paid account options to their list of services came out, users were not happy -- and rightfully so: The whole thing was a hoax. And even though the report said free accounts would still remain available, users were first upset over the terms of the proposed paid services, then over the fact they were duped.

Can anyone get the connected home right?

Analyst Opinion - We’ve been trying to make the idea of the connected home work for decades.  I can recall shortly after Disneyland opened they had a showcase home of the future which stayed in place from 1957 to 1967.  It was kind of funny was when it was torn down: It was so well built the wrecking ball just bounced off the walls, kind of a super hero house.