Gmail challenges Facebook with new social feed

Google is apparently planning to challenge Facebook by rolling out a new feature that will allow Gmail users to easily view and set detailed social status updates.

Old plaster walls can block Wifi signals

If you're cursing your lousy Wifi signal, it may just be because you're sitting inside a Faraday cage.  

Microsoft tweaks Zune Twitter app

What would Bill Hicks say?

Multi Gigabit wireless spec finalized

WiGig Alliance signs up four new members

AOL goes it alone, at last

Survival of the fittest kicks in

Sun intros AMD six core server

Up to eight in a box

$20 billion healthcare system faces surgery

Too much, too late

Facebook may get panic button

Announcement expected Tuesday

Server market still shows weakness

Sun slips badly

BT boss only man in his village with broadband

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Wikipedia gains 49,000 editors

Future is bright, says online repository of all human knowledge

Small town residents lay their own fiberoptic cabling

No excuse for whinging about poor broadband speeds any more

Sun introduces "cloud based" desktop

With virtual operating systems

Obama meets polar bears, the Riemann Hypothesis, and Enermax

All Around the Web

Scientists develop thinner optical fibers

Show promise for diagnostic tools

Google slashes price on Picasa storage

Picture this

Verizon Wireless gets writ from AT&T

A public spat has blown up after AT&T sued Verizon Wireless over an advertisement alleging it has gaps in its coverage.

Twitter tilts at lists on feeds

Social networking tool Twitter has introduced a feature to let people organize the folk they follow by classifying them into lists.

Internet achieves middle age: life begins at 40

Forty years back, on the 29th of October, Leonard Kleinrock connected the UCLA computer to Stanford Research Institute.

The future of 4G is murky

Basic design and silicon to achieve power and cost targets for 4G data or phone based devices is still not in place, according to a report from a senior semiconductor analyst.