Microsoft releases ASP.NET AJAX 1.0

Microsoft today announced the official Beta release of its ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 development framework. Integrated with ASP.NET 2.0, the final version of AJAX is set to be released later this year.

Internet rumors outlawed in China

China has passed legislation outlawing Internet rumor mongering. According to the law, people who post "defamatory comments" could be fined from 1,000 to 5,000 yuan (about $600) and face jail time. Distributing the comments is also outlawed and organizations like newspapers and websites could face fines of 3,000 to 15,000 yuan.

D-Link adds draft 11n router with upstream QoS and gigabit LAN

D-Link today announced its Xtreme N line of draft 802.11n wireless products including a router that incorporates "intelligent QoS" and gigabit LAN ports.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 7

Redmond (WA) - Fresh off of the heels of the release of Firefox' latest preview version of its next-generation browser, Microsoft launched a new version of its Internet Explorer browser, the first overall new version in over five years. Microsoft promises ease of use and more security, but has to deal with a vulnerability that was discovered within hours of the browser's release.

D-Link announces WiMAX 802.16-2005 CPE router

D-Link today announced its entry into the WiMAX consumer premise quipment (CPE) market with an 802.16-2005 (formerly 802.16e)-compliant WiMAX router.

Zyxel announces HomePlug AV adapter pair

The PLA-400 HomePlug AV PowerLine Ethernet adapter and PLA-402 HomePlug AV PowerLine and coaxial Ethernet adapter are both spec'd at 200 Mbps maximum throughput and are said to support up to 16 connections "within one household".

Network Streaming updates remote support appliance

Network Streaming recently introduced an updated version of its "Support Desk" remote support appliance.

Wireless USB hub slated for November arrival

Y-E Data, a developer and manufacturer of computer peripherals, announced plans to bring a new wireless connection hub to consumers in November. The hub can be used, with a connection to a USB dongle, to provide a wireless connection to most USB devices, according to Y-E Data.

Ruckus Wireless and Slim Devices team for in-home music streaming

Slim Devices and Ruckus Wireless today announced a marketing partnership to offer a high reliability, "stutter-free" in-home wireless digital music system.

Infrant refreshes ReadyNAS NV

Infrant Technologies today announced an updated version of its ReadyNAS NV RAID NAS.

Onkyo to ship wireless USB audio transmitter

Before you get excited, let's stop right here: Onkyo does not have on of the first wireless USB, short W-USB, audio transmitters. But the company apparently will offer a USB device that can wirelessly transmit audio streams from a PC to a home stereo system just in time for the Christmas season.

F-Secure announces new protection against Zero-Day exploits

F-Secure has announced a new version of the Internet Security protection suite that promises to protect against Zero-Day exploits. Internet Security 2007 will have so-called "DeepGuard" technology that analyzes newly installed programs and stops them if anything suspicious is found. The company claims the new system is more proactive and can stop previously unknown threats.

Netgear wireless routers to support WiFi User Protection Bill

Netgear has announced that it will support the protection measures in the "WiFi User Protection Bill" recently signed into law in California. Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger signed the bill which requires access point manufacturers to include warnings in the configuration menus and stickers on the retail boxes. Presumably, future Netgear routers would include such warnings.

AT&T drops yearly contract for DSL subscribers

DSL subscribers who hate yearly contracts and the early termination penalties that come with them will love AT&T for its recent announcement. The company has streamlined its DSL plans and no longer will require yearly contracts. Customers who still want to sign up for a yearly term will get a free month of service.

Microsoft to release eleven security updates next Tuesday

Microsoft's upcoming "Patch Tuesday" promises to be a doozy as the company will roll out a flurry of security updates. The updates affect Microsoft's operating, Office application and the .NET framework. Users are highly advised to install the updates because several of the vulnerabilities are rated critical or moderate by Microsoft.

AOL releases free client software

Dulles (VA) - Do you want AOL, but can't stand the CDs or the monthly charges? Now, the company is offering its famous Internet service for free with its OpenRide client. Meant mainly for broadband users, OpenRide combines a browser, email and other functions into a single four pane window. The software is freely downloadable and doesn't have any monthly subscription cost.

The Firefox exploit that wasn't - Hackers backpedal

The much reported Firefox vulnerabilities and exploits from the Toorcon computer security conference appear to be greatly exaggerated. A pair of hackers claimed to have found 30 undisclosed vulnerabilities on the popular browser and even boasted that they could execute malicious code. Now, one of the hackers, Mischa Spiegelmock, has apologized for the talk, saying that its main purpose was "to be humorous".

Asus first to guarantee free upgrade of draft-802.11n products

Being the first to buy new tech isn't always the best strategy and this may be especially true for wireless networking products. Jump on the train of non-standardized products - such as draft-n devices - too quickly and you may end up with a router that is incompatible with final products. However, Asus breaks away from the industry by offering a guarantee for a free upgrade.

D-Link announces Wi-Fi capable cellphone

Wireless equipment maker D-Link today announced its first phone that not only offers a Wi-Fi feature set, but also works as a regular, unlocked cellphone.

Critical Firefox flaw exposed

Chicago (IL) - According to media reports, a pair of hackers said on Saturday that the Firefox Web browser, commonly perceived as the safer and more customizable alternative to market leader Internet Explorer, is critically flawed. A presentation on the flaw was shown during the ToorCon hacker conference in San Diego. UPDATE 10/3/2006 7:08 PM EST: The Firefox exploit that wasn't - Hackers backpedal