Sun touts multi-threading capable networks

Following multi-core processors that are able to process multiple application threads simultaneously, Sun today announced its multithreaded 10 Gig E networking technology that can take advantage of parallel threads and improve network performance.

Los Angeles mayor wants citywide Wi-Fi

Los Angeles residents could be getting free wireless Internet in the next few years.

A thin client computer for $140

If a thin client system is all you need in a corporate environment, then here’s a new low-cost alternative. Devon IT announced a thin client terminal with prices starting at $140.

Coraid pushes SATA over the Ethernet

System administrators who need a lot of network storage may want to look into Coraid's serial ATA over Ethernet.

Raytheon demos troposphere high-speed link

Raytheon and the United States Marines have demoed a new high-speed communications device that bounces signals off the troposphere layer of the atmosphere.  The Dual-Mode All-Band Re-locatable Tactical Terminal (DART-T) can transmit up to 20 Mbps to personnel hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away.

AT&T consolidates parental controls

AT&T has unveiled a new website that lets parents control access to phone calls, Internet access and television.

Hacker attacks reported to happen every 39 seconds

A new study by the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland reveals that cyber hackers now strike once every 39 seconds and that "1234" is the top guess as a password, which hacker scripts use to gain access to someone's files.

Skype quietly introduces connection fees

If you are using Skype for PC-to-landline calls, you soon could find new and additional charges on your account: The company announced that it will be adding a connection fees to every "SkypeOut" call - in exchange for dropping per-minute charges on a new "SkypePro" package.

Intel gets FCC approval for wireless broadband chip

Intel's first wireless broadband chip has made it through the approval process of the Federal communications Commission (FCC). Images of a Nokia-built PCI Express Mini Card using the "Wireless WAN Link 1965 HSD" chip surfaced today on the FCC website.

Intel to launch 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset next week

Originally scheduled for Q2 launch, Intel's new Wi-Fi chipset code-named "Kedron" will be unveiled at an event next Tuesday, TG Daily has learned.

Extreme communication, Microsoft style

You may be able to close the door to your office, but that won't save you from meetings and colleagues that are trying to get a hold of you, at least if Microsoft and Nortel have their way. The two firms today announced the first step towards their "unified communications" vision, which could allow corporations to create global cubical offices.

Digium releases VoIP 'software appliance'

Asterisk creator Digium today announced what it calls its "first software appliance", aimed at getting an Asterisk-based VoIP PBX up and running within 30 minutes.

Atheros intros dual-band draft 11n chipset and wireless network processors

Atheros today launched its "highest performance 802.11n solution to date".

Intellon says powerline IPTV biz is good

Powerline networking chipmaker Intellon yesterday announced that twelve service providers in Europe and Asia are using its HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo powerline chipsets for in-home standard definition IPTV distribution.

SpectraLink announces dual-band enterprise Wi-Fi phones

SpectraLink today announced its next-generation Wi-Fi telephony handsets. The new NetLink 8000 Series handsets are said to be the first commercially available "enterprise-grade" handsets to support 802.11a, b and g WLANs.

Hitachi offers new NAS-aimed multimedia search

The embedded business group division of Hitachi has teamed up with digital home technology provider Blue Peach to offer the NAS Digital Media Server, the flagship device offering the two companies' new multimedia content management system.

Quicktime bug poses immediate threat

An exploit in the Apple Quicktime application is the headliner in a project known as the Month of Apple Bugs (MOAB), aimed at unveiling security holes in the Mac OS X operating systems.

Taiwan earthquake disrupts Asian Internet access

Two powerful earthquakes are to blame for ruptures of undersea cables off the coast of Taiwan, causing disrupted Internet access for much of East Asia, with online service being unavailable for up to three weeks in the hardest hit areas.

Lie detector for Skype watches over voice communications

Software company Kishkish offers a small add-on for the Skype instant messenger that promises users who are paranoid about the trustworthiness of the people they are talking to. The "Lie Detector" analyzes stress levels in voices and promises to expose, if a conversation partner is honest - or not.

Axis adds megapixel day/night netcam

Axis Communications today announced the company's first two-megapixel network camera designed for professional security and surveillance applications. The AXIS 223M Network Camera provides high image detail in day or night lighting conditions.