D-Link reveals WiMax plans

D-Link sees continuing shipment growth for 802.11n products in Q4

Motorola to show WiMax chipset for handheld devices

Google to lay broadband cable under the Pacific Ocean?

Vonage adds flat-fee international plans

Chicago dumps city-wide Wi-Fi plans

Iomega announces Home Network Hard Drive

Iomega today announced its low-priced Home Network Hard Drive product line.

Skype outage raises P2P fears

Skype apologizes

Global GSM/WCDMA/HSPA subscribers top 2.5 billion mark in 2Q07, says GSA

DirecTV to sell Powerline broadband

Asustek launches quad-LAN server motherboard

D-Link expects to ship a million 802.11n products in Q4 07

Wistron NeWeb enters design-in for Google Talk Wi-Fi phones

Beijing Olympics to accelerate FTTH deployment in China

Novatel intros 7.2 Mb/s HSUPA mobile modem

Campgrounds going Wi-Fi

You might want to bring a laptop to your next camping trip because more camp sites are adding wi-fi to attract customers.

Vendors begin slashing prices for 802.11n devices

D-Link Xtreme N gets Wi-Fi N Certification

11n Draft 2.0 gear not working yet, but does anyone really care?