Delta in-flight Wi-Fi hits 1 million users

More than 430 aircraft on Delta's mainline fleet now are equipped to offer Wi-Fi service while passengers are above 10,000 feet in the air, and more than 1 million customers have logged onto the digital mile-high club.

Twitter finally revamps home page

After 4 years of failing to convey its message to first-time Twitter users, the micro-blogging site has refreshed its home page that now does a better job of showing what Twitter is all about.

Tweeters can now be stalked in real life

Twitter has unveiled a tool that allows users to tag each of their posts with their current location. Now people can know the exact areas where each hourly musing is posted.

Alaska Airlines seals in-flight Wi-Fi deal

Alaska Airlines has announced that nearly its entire fleet of aircraft will have Wi-Fi connectivity by the end of the year. The airline signed the deal yesterday after completing tests with multiple potential technology providers.

Facebook blamed for wild teenage party

Facebook seems to get the blame for almost anything these days, and the case of 16 year old Aneesh Shukla who used the social not-working site to invite all his friends over for a wild party while his parents were away is no exception.

Intel Itanium outsells AMD Opteron

Intel kicked off its Itanium presentation today by saying the Itanium's system revenue since the introduction of 2001 has crossed the $5 billion mark. That outsells total sales of AMD's Opterons.

Facebook crumbles under wrath of Arrington

 A rather embarrassing incident has left Facebook saving face, as the firm has had to apologize to a user whose vanity URL it snatched, purportedly to sell to a company for cold hard cash.

Get a job, you twit!

 If you’ve got oodles of time to waste on services like Twitter, it probably means you need a job, and guess what? Tweetdeck wants to help you find one.

Google abandons online for paper

On January 27 Google is holding an enormous bash in London to promote its Chrome browser.

10 Gbps and 40 Gbps showing growth in declining network markets

A report published by Dell'Oro, a research market firm for the networking and telecommunication industries, says that 2009 forecasts show growth for 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps extreme high-speed networking technologies despite broader networking market declines.

Comcast testing free Wi-Fi service for its NJ cable subscribers

 Cable subscribers near NJ Transit commuter rail stations are getting special attention from Comcast these days. Sources inside the company reveal they've teamed up with Cablevision's free Wi-Fi service and are testing a trial offering to railway commuters. Regular Comcast customers will be able to access the Wi-Fi hotspots free of charge by using their Comcast username and password.

Google News having intermittent failures

 TG Daily observed instances today of Google's News Service occasionally returning an error persisting for longer than the 30 second interval suggested in the message.

Verizon shutting down VoiceWing Internet phone service

 Verizon Communications informed its customers today it will be shutting down its VoiceWing Internet-based phone service on March 31 "to focus on other technologies." The affected customers can keep their phone numbers by switching to other services, however the process may take up to three weeks for the switch.

Cox cable company to show bandwidth favoritism

 On February 9, the third largest cable company in the United States, Cox Communications, will implement a new policy of Internet traffic routing which could bring Net Neutrality arguments front and center. Cox will begin showing preference on time sensitive data like websites, streaming videos and online games. Other content like downloads or software updates will be moved to the back of the line during times of congestion, slowing that content.

Sprint will sell 3G/4G modem

Broadcom chip adds low-power 802.11n to phones

Cisco unwraps new edge router

Sprint's 4G Xohm WiMax: How fast is it?

Zyxel debuts WiMax residential Gateway with Sprint's Xohm service

American ushers in WiFi-friendly skies