Wireless devices go battery-free with new communication technique

We might be one step closer to an Internet-of-things reality.

Google Glass gets a software update

Google Glass may not yet be ready for prime time just yet, but Mountain View is rolling out updates to improve the nascent user experience for Glass Explorer participants.

Facebook will not let you doing anything without Facebook

The Internet's mega-church for self-worshipers is adding restaurant reservation service OpenTable and TV listings to its mobile services. No one knows what this means in the big scheme of things, but it feels ever so world controlling so, we have to tell you about it because, you are likely to miss it if you use Facebook yourself.

Report: Next iPhone due September 10th

Cupertino is reportedly set to debut its next iPhone on September 10th at an Apple event coinciding with the second to last day of the IFA consumer electronics trade show.

ViewSonic touts Viewpad 100Q tablet

ViewSonic is showcasing a new Android tablet dubbed the ViewPad 100Q, which boasts a 10-inch display and Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processor.

Report: Nvidia designing its own tablets

Nvidia Tegra processors power a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and the company's very own Shield handheld game console.

Lenovo's Miix 10 tablet hits the streets for $599

Lenovo's Miix 10 Windows 8 tablet has hit the summer streets at a $599 price point.

This SOL Ubuntu laptop is powered by the sun

A Canadian company known as WeWi is reportedly designing an Ubuntu-based laptop packaged with a series of solar panels that can be unfolded to recharge the unit's battery or directly power the computer itself.

Smartwatch watching: Samsung is getting in on the action

Going all Dick Tracey on the world is what Apple, Sony, Samsung - and everyone else with a wristband - is aiming to do. Will we die of boredom waiting for something that we had hoped never to wear again? Probably. Until someone comes up with a smartpocketwatch that dangles from a chain attached to your vest and can tell you exactly where the stagecoach from Tuscon is on Google Maps.  

HP's hybrid Slatebook X2 runs Android Jelly Bean

Hewlett Packard has debuted an Android-powered (Jelly Bean) 10.1″ laptop/tablet hybrid powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4 SoC clocked at 1.8GHz.

JXD's handheld Android gaming pad start at $160

Nvidia's Shield is obviously not alone in the rapidly growing portable Android console market. Indeed, manufacturers like the China-based JXD have been selling Android-powered gaming tablets for a number of years, with the latest gaming device from the company slated to hit the streets over the next few months.

Omate Jelly Bean smartwatch powered by dual-core ARM SoC

The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch - which runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean - is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 SoC paired with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

Samsung beats Apple (hah) in legit customer satisfaction study

  Hah! Suck it Apple, you overhyped, self-aggrandizing multi-billion dollar hipster corporation. Samsung - an equally overhyped multi-billion dollar corporation that is not hipster-ish in any way - is kicking your butt. But not in Korea (wtf)!

Marvell's ARMADA 1500-mini chip powers Google's $35 Chromecast

Last week, Google introduced a $35 device dubbed "Chromecast." Essentially, Chromecast plugs into HD TV's, "casting" online content from phones, tablets and laptops on to HD TVs.

Samsung and Apple fend off low-cost vendors

​For the second calendar quarter in a row, smartphone shipments represented more than half (52%) of the world’s mobile phone shipments. Led by electronics manufacturer Samsung, an estimated 408 million handsets and 214 million smartphones shipped during the second quarter of 2013, according to ABI Research.

Android 4.3 is on the new Nexus 7

Google and Asus have debuted a new version of the wildly popular Nexus 7, which, as was rumored, arrives preloaded with a sweeter version of Android: 4.3.3 (Jelly Bean).

Elite pilots and aircraft ground staff to get iPads

Ever wonder why pilots wheel around giant, square bags? No, neither did we, but apparently there is a lot of documentation in there, and not just whiskey. Surely there is a better way. Yes, there is says Australia's first CTO of its Defense Department.  

British government isn't going to ban all Internet obscenity

It may just keep soft core porn because who else is going to watch Cinemax. We're off to the pub now to avoid all the accusations that we are porn obsessed even though we don't make the news; just report it.

What are the big smartphone differentiators of 2013?

Accelerometers, vision-based gesture recognition, gyroscopes and NFC are predicted to be the feature set big winners in smartphones in 2013.

Wireless gadgetry in cars to grow 41% in next 4 years

Remember when you thought it was cool your car had a USB socket? Well, geezer, automotive infortainment is going to leave you behind and make someone else really rich. That's right, the blue screen of death will eventually mean, well, the blue screen of death.