Fuji's new digital SLR camera helps fight crime

Valhalla (NY) - A new camera from Fuji could help law enforcement catch criminals. The FinePix S3 Pro UVIR is a 12-megapixel digital camera that can also photograph in ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Ultraviolet photography can capture gun shot residue, blood and semen stains along with altered writing. Infrared photos could help police in night surveillance situations.

Sony unveils "Mylo" Wi-Fi communicator

San Diego (CA) - Sony today announced a portable communicator device that connects to any open Wi-Fi hotspot and enable its users to stay in contact with friends via email, chat and voice chat. Mobile communicators are not a new idea, we have seen several devices come and go especially in the past five years. Probably the most noteworthy is AOL's Mobile Communicator that tried to make AOL "Anywhere" a reality by merging cellphone connectivity with email and instant messaging functionality into a pocket-sized form factor back in 2001.

Panasonic's Toughbook gets wireless broadband

Panasonic today launched the Toughbook CF-29, the first Toughbook that comes with Cingular's 3G Broadband Connect service as standard feature.

Wikipedia to ship preloaded on $100 laptops

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association says that it will preload its $100 laptop computers with a snapshot of select Wikipedia articles. In a statement releases with the announcement, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was quoted saying "OLPC's mission goes hand in hand with our goal of distributing encyclopedic knowledge, free of charge, to every person in the world. Not everybody in the world has access to a broadband connection. This is exactly the type of project that advances Wikipedia's core mission."

Merom-based notebooks to support Nvidia SLI

Nvidia will soon announce that Merom-based notebooks (Merom is a codename that Intel used for its recently announced T-series mobile Core 2 Duo processors) support its dual-graphics SLI technology, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers. The sources pointed out that Dan Vivoli, executive vice president of Nvidia, attended Intel's recent launch of Core 2 Duo processors in Silicon Valley, considering this as a sign of possible cooperation between Intel and Nvidia.

ASP for dual-core Yonah notebooks drop to less than $1000

Notebook vendors, including Dell, Acer and Hewlett-Packard (HP), have begun cutting prices for Intel Core Duo notebooks that feature the Yonah T2300E CPU, in an attempt to accelerate inventory clearance of Sonoma models prior to the launch of Merom-based systems, according to sources.

Intel posts security fixes for Centrino wireless chipset

Intel has updated the software behind its Centrino chip bundle to fix three security vulnerabilities that, in one case, could allow an attacker to execute code remotely on a laptop.

Inventec postpones production of Palm's Treo 700p

Inventec Appliances may not be able to start volume production of Palm's PDA phone, the Treo 700p, until September, due to related software problems, according to market sources.

Dell halts PDA development

Dell apparently halted R&D development of PDA products since the middle of 2005, when Dell's Taiwan Design Center (TDC) completed development of the PC vendor's last Axim-series device, which was manufactured by High Tech Computer (HTC), according to market sources.

Microsoft to bet "hundreds of millions of dollars" on Zune - report

Microsoft is serious about taking on Apple in the portable media player business. According to several media reports covering an analyst conference held by the company yesterday, the company is set to throw in hundreds of millions of dollars into its new business - which may not only impact but also threaten the existence of several smaller media player makers such as Creative or Iriver.

Seven out of ten mobile PCs are outsourced to Shanghai, says iSuppli

In a report released today, iSuppli delivered the stunning news that 82.6% of all mobile PCs produced worldwide - more than four out of five units produced anywhere - are outsourced by their vendors to original design manufacturers (ODMs).

How soon could Apple build an 'e-book' Ipod?

Last Friday, Engadget reported that it had learned from an unnamed publisher that certain of its staff had been ordered to ship electronic copies of all its manuscripts to Apple. Like an echo chamber set to reverb, press sources have sited this story as an indication that such a device could be announced as soon as September. Let's re-examine the facts.

Motorola thins out the RAZR line

Motorola's new line of Razr handsets is slimmer than ever, and the company hopes the they will expand the customer base of its already popular line of cell phones.

Warner Bros., Itunes reach video content deal

In just the latest move to bolster the wealth of video content available for the iPod, Apple has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group to make several of its more popular franchises available for download via iTunes.

Google tests traffic-enhanced Maps content for mobile users

Microsoft confirms 'Zune' device to compete with Ipod

In an exclusive interview with Billboard magazine that appeared only in print today, MSN entertainment marketing vice president Chris Stephenson officially stated Microsoft is indeed working on an MP3 player device to compete with Apple's iPod.

Microsoft's answer to Ipod could come in October :BetaNews

From BetaNews

Organize thousands of your photos with Adobe's Lightroom Beta

San Jose (CA) - Do you find it hard to edit and organize all your RAW and JPG pictures? Adobe has released a beta version of their Lightroom application for Windows that promises one touch rotation, tagging and editing of photos. Lightroom had previously only been available to Macintosh users. Lightroom's main window

Vendors gear up for Sonoma notebook inventory clearance

Notebook vendors, including Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP), with each receiving hundreds of thousands of Dothan processors from Intel, expect to completely clear their inventory of Sonoma notebooks by the end of the third quarter, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers.

Hanns.G shipping samples of 22" widescreen monitors to Gateway and ViewSonic

Hanns.G, which uses panels from HannStar Display, has started shipping samples of 22" widescreen monitors to Gateway, ViewSonic and several Taiwan-based branded monitor makers, with the products to be rolled out in August, the company said.