Canon's unveils 10.1-megapixel, self-cleaning new Digital Rebel XTi

Canon has updated its Digital Rebel camera line with the bigger, cleaner and cheaper Rebel XTi. The new camera shoots in 10.1 megapixel resolution and has a larger and brighter 2.5" inch LCD screen. It has a self-cleaning image sensor; something that Canon says isn't available on any other camera.

Apple settles dispute with Creative, paying $100 million for license

Cuperino (CA) - In a surprising move that essentially acknowledges that Creative Labs did indeed come up with the idea of subdividing lists of songs by genre for MP3 players first, Apple and Creative jointly announced this morning that Apple has purchased a perpetual right to license the menuing scheme covered by a patent awarded to Creative last year, for a flat $100 million fee.

DeKalb County, GA to fine crashing cellphone-talking drivers

A county in George has enacted a law that will fine drivers who crash, while talking on cellphones, up to $500. The DeKalb County law punishes drivers who are in a collision involving "death, injury or damage" and is the first of its kind in the state and one of the first in the nation.

Motorola to push Linux-based handsets in 2007

Motorola plans to push sales of Linux-based handsets in the US and European markets starting in 2007, with a plan being for Linux to support over 50% of the handsets released by Motorola, according to sources at Taiwan handset makers that are familiar with Motorola's handset roadmap.

Lenovo intros Thinkpad notebook with HSDPA wireless broadband

Lenovo today added to its existing line of EVDO wireless broadband-capable notebooks two Thinkpad T60 models that can be ordered with built-in support for Cingular's UMTS/HSDPA network.

$100 laptop field-trials on the horizon

Reports that trials of the $100 laptop project will kick off in Thailand alone have been quashed by Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) association.

SanDisk gambles more flash will set Sansa e280 MP3 apart from Ipod, Zune

Milpitas (CA) - Beating Apple to the punch by a month, SanDisk - which battles for the #2 MP3 player spot with Creative Labs - announced this morning it is boosting the maximum on-board flash capacity of its Sansa e200 series from 6 GB to 8 GB, and capping the new e280's price at $249. Prior to today, you could find the 4 GB e260 selling for $249; now, its MSRP has dropped to $179.99.

Logitech unveils killer Ipod speaker

Logitech has just released details of its forthcoming Ipod stereo speaker system, the Logitech AudioStation.

New Ipod may have wireless capabilities

Apple Computer is expected to launch soon a new Ipod that supports wireless capabilities so as to compete with Microsoft's planned year-end launch of its Zune-branded MP3 players, according to market sources.

Taiwan market: Demand for AMD Turion 64 X2 rising fast

With demand for AMD Turion 64 X2 processors in Taiwan picking up fast, AMD expects the dual-core processors to be utilized in over 50% of Turion-based notebooks shipped to the Taiwan market by the end of 2006.

Lenovo rolls out Linux Thinkpad

San Francisco (CA) - Lenovo continues to transform IBM's former PC division and adjust the characteristics that determine the look and feel of the computers. After adopting AMD processors in certain models, Lenovo now also offers a prestigeous Thinkpad notebook time with a pre-installed Linux operating system.

Palm offers updated GPS navigation pack for Treo phones

Palm has announced a new version of its "GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition." The device, an add-on to Treo smartphones, is now offered in combination with TomTom's Navigator 6 software.

Iriver upgrades keychain MP3 player to 2 GB

Iriver now offers its smallest MP3 player with up to 2 GB of storage space.

Itronix rolls out "affordable" and lightweight rugged notebook

Spokane (WA) - Itronix, a General Dynamics company, has announced their new GoBook XR-1 rugged notebook that can withstand heat, water and shock. Capable of resisting 140 degree Fahrenheit heat and 3-foot drops, the XR-1 is a fully wireless computer with an Intel Core Duo processor. Traditional rugged laptops have been extremely expensive and heavy, but the XR-1 is surprisingly affordable and light, weighing in at 6.8 pounds.

First look at Nextel's FanView trackside video receiver for race fans

Click here to see the NASCAR Mobile Technology Center slide show...

Microsoft Zune to be priced at $299?

It looks like the Zune is going to launch at $299, according to retailers that are set to sell the Microsoft portable music player.

Jobs talks up Apple cell phone

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs has been boasting about his company's much-rumored iPod cell phone amongst inner circles, AppleInsider has been told.

Dell to equip AMD-based notebooks with ATI graphics chips

Forthcoming Dell's AMD-based notebooks, which are expected to be available in late October or early November, will be equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chips, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers.

Nikon's D80 camera finally official

Melville (NY) - Nikon has finally taken the wraps off of its new D80 digital SLR camera. The new 10.2-megapixel camera can take up to three shots per second promises a strong battery that is able to offer enough juice to shoot up to 2700 pictures on one charge.

Samsung develops first 3" VGA screen for digital cameras

Samsung announced that it has developed the first 3" LCD for digital still cameras (DSC) that is capable of displaying a resolution of 640x480 pixels (VGA).