Nvidia Goforce powers mobile TV phones

Nvidia announced that its NVIDIA GoForce handheld graphics processing units (GPUs) are utilized in some of the world's first mobile TV production roll outs.

Kyocera rolls out new "Strobe" phone

MetroPCS and Kyocera today announced the availability of the Strobe, Kyocera's newest mobile phone. The candy bar style phone flips open to reveal a second full color screen and keyboard. When folded out, the phone reveals a QWERTY keyboard and resembles a look much like the Sidekick line of phones offered by T-Mobile. The screen is slightly larger than the one on the outside of the phone to simplify the creation or text messages or make playing small games more enjoyable.

Trolltech predicts first open Linux phones in 2007

Mobile Linux application platform vendor Trolltech ASA predicts that the first phones running an open version of the OS, to which native apps can be downloaded, will appear in 2007.

New filing seen as proof of Apple cell phone

A recent Apple Computer patent filing for a multi-functional handheld device is proof that the company has greater ambitions such as a smart cell phone, one Wall Street analyst says.

Blackberry goes multimedia with new Pearl smartphone

Research in Motion expands its reach deeper into the mainstream with the release of the new "Pearl" smartphone. The phone does not quite follow the security focus that made the Blackberry brand famous: Pearl is much more a lifestyle multimedia smartphone with an attached secure push email feature.

Apple mobile phone due early 2007, analyst claims

Analysts are predicting that Apple will launch a mobile phone in the first half of 2007.

Alienware updates m9700 notebook line with SLI graphics

Alienware is revamping its line of 17" m9700 notebooks by adding new colors and upping the graphics firepower. New "Conspiracy Blue" and "Cyborg Green" colors will be added to the lineup, while the dual graphics cards will be updated to 512 MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS models. This will give the m9700 1GB of graphics memory.

New Ipods set for launch on 12 Sep?

In a digital invitation sent out to US-based media this morning, Apple confirmed that it will hold a special event on 12 September to introduce new products and services.

Palm Treo 700wx for Sprint to run on Windows Mobile OS

Palm today announced the Treo 700wx mobile smartphone, the latest offering in its line of PDA phones that are available for the the firm's "Power Vision Network." It will run on the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system, making it the first Windows Mobile Treo phone offered by Sprint, according to Palm.

Archos PMP will get a Wi-Fi add-on

Archos will soon offer an updated version of its current "604" portable media player (PMP) that can connect to Wi-Fi networks: Named "604 Wi-Fi," the device sports the same design and basic hardware specs as the regular 604, the new player will enable users to share digital content with other devices such as PC that are connected to a 802.11 b/g network. The device will also include a version of Opera's web browser to allow users to surf the Internet. Data entry is enabled via the 4.3" (480x272 pixel) touchscreen and a virtual keyboard.

Samsung adds speakers to latest MP3 player

Ridgefield Park (NJ) - Samsung today announced a new challenger for Apple's Ipod Nano. The new "K5" does not only come in a stylish package and sufficient storage space; the device also comes with a unique new feature: A pair of slide-out speakers.

Sandisk unveils Sansa c200 MP3 Player

Berlin (Germany) - Sandisk today introduced the latest addition to its line of MP3 players with the Sansa c200, which supports WMA and MP3 playback, an FM tuner, and a built-in microphone for audio recording. Equipped with up to 2 GB of flash memory in a standard configuration, the capacity can be expanded with MicroSD cards.

Opinion: Et Tu, Wi-Fi Alliance?

It is no secret that the wireless LAN industry has made a huge mess so far of the opportunity that is known as 802.11n. This standard, which holds the promise of application level, i.e. real, wireless throughput of over 100 Mbps has had a rough birthing so far. It has survived a contentious IEEE proposal process, which took a detour to be "helped" by an industry consortium that managed to hammer out an uneasy peace between warring camps.

Samsung and Cingular roll out first HSDPA phone for the U.S.

Samsung and Cingular are partnering up to roll out the first High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) phone to the US. The Samsung SGH-zx20 is a Bluetooth-enabled cameraphone that can play videos, download ringtones, and acces webpages. Users will be able to surf Cingular's 3G network at up to 1 Mb/s.

Core 2 Duo notebooks offered from $850

Miami (FL) - Ever since its acquisition up until today, Alienware had been considered the premium, custom, ultra-cool, real PC division of the otherwise wrinkled-polyester Dell. But today's introduction by Alienware of a lightweight notebook powered by a Core 2 Duo T5500, in a decently distinctive case, selling for $849, signals that the division is aiming for a new and possibly lucrative market: Call it the "economy sport" class.

LG preps a Chocolate headset

LG, which recently unveiled its stylish "Chocolate" cellphone, will soon be offering a Bluetooth headset that matches the look and feel of the phone. First pictures of the device have appeared on the Internet this week.

Toshiba will manufacture wireless Zune for Microsoft, photos reveal

Redmond (WA) - A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Reuters this afternoon that an MP3 player, for which Toshiba has filed for a license with the FCC, is actually the Zune player that Toshiba will apparently be manufacturing on behalf of Microsoft. The application was for a 30 GB hard drive MP3 player with a 3" color display.

Canon to release AA battery-powered 10 MP Powershot at $399

Lake Success (NY) - Three years ago, Canon introduced its Powershot A-series digital cameras, with the idea of introducing creative photographers' features into the consumer market. Today, the company announced some boosts to that product line, replacing the A700 introduced just last February with the A710 IS, boosting image size from 6.0 to 7.1 Mp; and bolstering the A600 line with two new models, of which one will boost the image size to from 7.1 to 10 Mp.

Gateway "believes" its notebook batteries are safe

Gateway, the nation's third largest PC manufacturer, today said that it "believes" that its notebook batteries are not affected by problems that prompted Dell and Apple to recall a total of almost six million notebook batteries. "Based on available information and our suppliers' input, we do not believe our systems are at risk for the same malfunctions that caused our competitors to issue battery recalls. It appears that a combination of factors led to the fault requiring the recalls, and this combination is not present in our systems," the company said.

Sony-manufactured laptop battery recall impacts Apple Ibook, PowerBook

Cupertino (CA) - It turns out Dell was not the only notebook computer manufacturer to whom certain Sony-made lithium ion batteries were supplied. This morning, Apple announced it is cooperating with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in recalling batteries for an estimated 1.8 million iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 units, 700,000 of which are believed to have been sold in the US.