Cellphone tells the world what mode you're in

Sneaking off work early for Friday afternoon drinks will soon be made easier by a mobile phone system that will tell your boss you're still at work while letting your friends know you're on your way.

Nokia gets FCC approval for new flagship N93i cellphone

Nokia today received approval for its upcoming N93i cellphone, which will be an update for the existing N93 model.

Korean mobile phone makers ship ultra-cheap sets to India

More affordable mobile phones are heading to India and other poorer countries, thanks to two Korean cell phone makers. ROSE Telecom and Kedcom have announced that they are shipping 100,000 phones for just $30 each to India's Reliance Infocomm.

Opera to browse on Samsung cellphones

Opera, the rising star in the world of specialized Internet browsers, today announced that it has scored a contract with cellphone unit of Samsung to include the mobile browser in its future set of 3G phones.

EA brings Sudoku, Royal Solitaire to iPod

Electronic Arts today announced a pair of new games available on iTunes, which can be transferred to a fifth-generation iPod. Owners of the newest line of Apple's digital media player can now put Sudoku and Royal Solitaire on their iPod.

Samsung releases 8GB Yepp

Samsung has upgraded its Yepp MP3 player line by adding the 8GB Yepp T9. The T9 features FM radio, integrated recording and stereo Bluetooth output. The Yepp was initially launched back in October when Samsung rolled out the 2 and 4 GB models to the United States.

Iomega rolls out two Mac only drives

Iomega, a company famous for making portable drives, has introduced two new drives for Macintosh users. The big UltraMax desktop drive has an impressive 1 TB of capacity while the portable Iomega 'Black' drive can hold 120 GB. Both drives include EMC's Retrospect Express backup software.

Google working on cell phone? - Rumor

In a move that could bring Google to the physical consumer market for the first time, reports have surfaced over the past few days about the Internet leader in talks with other companies to bring forth the Google Phone.

Cingular hooks up with Myspace

Atlanta (GA) - In a bid to bring social networking to cell phones, Cingular Wireless has created a deal with the social networking site Myspace to provide a mobile version of the online networking service. Under the partnership, Cingular, which currently sponsors a ringtone service on Myspace, will initially have the exclusive mobile rights to Myspace. Cingular subscribers will be able to pay $3 per month to use a proprietary version of the site, which allows users to edit their profile and post pictures directly from a mobile handset.

Linksys launches Skype iPhone

Linksys today launched a new phone that many expected to be announced by Apple in early January: A device with the name iPhone will be available from wireless equipment maker Linksys in the first quarter of next year.

Matsushita readies safer lithium-ion batteries with high capacity

Matsushita Electric Industrial today announced that one of its subsidiaries, Matsushita Battery Industrial (MBI) is now ready to mass produce a new type of lithium-ion battery, which incorporates new technology improving safety.

Boeing fires employee whose laptop was stolen

Boeing, the giant aerospace company, has fired an employee who had a very important laptop stolen. The computer contained the personal information of approximately 400,000 current and retired company employees. The data had been downloaded from company servers and was not encrypted.

How low can prices go: 2 GB Compact Flash for $47 at Costco

Digital camera fanatics will like this deal that we spied at our local Costco. The warehouse chain is now selling SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB Compact Flash cards for $48. The actual price is about $80, but you get an instant rebate of $32 at the register.

Crucial Technology finally gets into the microSD market

Crucial Technology has begun selling 512 MB and 1 GB microSD memory card. The cards are tinier cousins of the familiar SD card and are mainly used in cellular phones. The cards include an adapter that let users pop the card into a normal SD card slot.

Skype 3.0 officially released

Skype has officially released version 3.0 of its popular Internet chat program. Skype is now available for download and includes several new features. The program now plugs into Internet Explorer and users can make Skype calls to regular phone numbers with one click. Skype has also added a Skypecast feature where users can participate in moderated chats with up to a hundred people.

Corsair announces mega 16 GB USB flash drive

It's going to take people a long time to fill up Corsair's new USB flash drive. The water-resistant Flash Voyager drive has been upgraded and now can carry up to 16 GB of data. Users can even store a full Windows operating system and boot off the drive.

Sandisk and Sony introduce Memory Stick "Pro-HG" format

Sandisk and Sony think we need another flash format and are introducing the Memory Stick "Pro-HG" card. The cards are a faster and bigger version of the Memory Stick Pro cards and can transfer up to 60 MB/sec while having a capacity of up to 32 GB.

HP touts global mobile broadband notebook

HP has partnered with Cingular and offers a notebook that could be considered the ultimate mobile broadband device at this time. In addition to the common Wi-Fi connectivity, the nc6400 comes with integrated UMTS/HSDPA-based technology that provides users with more high-speed Internet alternatives than before.

Dell ships $3700 Blu-ray notebook

In the latest development in the war between next-generation DVD formats, PC maker Dell today announced availability of a pre-installed Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive as an option in its top-end notebook computer.

Take a guess: Who is chairing the revision of laptop battery standards?

The IEEE is forming a group to revise the IEEE 1625 standard for lithium-ion laptop batteries and guess which two companies will chair it ... wait for it ... Sony and Dell. These two companies have extensive experience in exploding batteries which makes them eminently qualified to chair the group. Dude, your Dell just exploded...