Nokia phones could warn of lightning strikes

Nokia, the top-selling handset maker may be running short on ideas for new phones, as the Finnish company recently patented a technology that warns users of imminent lightning strikes.

iPhone to boost touch panel demand

Bank of America goes mobile

Cementing its place as the first major US bank to offer a mobile-centric platform, Bank of America has launched a new cell phone portal that lets users manage all major banking activities on the go.

Climber completes world's highest cell phone call

Rod Baber has set himself in the record books by making the world's highest cell phone call from a terrestrial location.

T-Mobile launches Windows Mobile 6 phone

New York (NY) - T-Mobile has launched its latest phone, the "Wing".  Sporting a design similar to the Sidekick, the Wing is reportedly the first smartphone in the US to use Microsoft's new mobile operating system.  

iPhone - How expensive is too expensive?

With a newly minted FCC certification under its belt, the iPhone is beginning its path to retail, but its barrier-setting price could prevent it from meeting Apple's 1% market share goal.

FCC approves Apple’s iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has cleared a major hurdle on its way to a commercial release. Extra: Image Gallery

No more 32-bit operating systems – Microsoft

At the annual WinHEC hardware engineering conference, Microsoft General Manager Bill Laing proclaimed that Windows Server 2008 will be the company’s last 32-bit operating system.  He added that it was “the right thing for the industry”.

AUO and CMO to start shipping 12.1" panel for HP LED-backlight notebook in June, say sources

Verizon launches mobile ESPN

Verizon today launched its mobile ESPN network, offering fans a revival of the service that bit the dust last year as an independent cell phone operator.

Sony Ericsson and Nokia welcome Apple to the handset market

Preparing for the iPhone: Motorola introduces Razr2 phone

New York (NY) – Apple’s iPhone may not be on the market yet, but it already shows its impact, as several established cellphone companies are stepping up their game: Motorola today introduced a stylish new Razr generation that only comes with new features, but comes in a stylish new package made of aluminum, magnesium and plastic.  

Update MacBook 2007: Apple skips Santa Rosa, sorta

Cupertino (CA) – Apple this morning announced an update for its MacBook computers. The company’s mainstream notebook computers are now available with more memory, more hard drive space and faster processors. However, the MacBook will have to rely on the “old” FSB667 Core 2 Duos until Penryn arrives.

Nokia raises forecast, predicts higher market share

Mobile handset maker Nokia is predicting a rise in market share thanks for growing demand in emerging markets.

iPod could interfere with pacemakers – study

A new study authored by a 17-year-old high school student claims that Apple’s iPod music player could interfere with pacemakers.

Interview with Mr. Gigapixel

Imagine a cityscape picture so detailed that you could see signs and plants on a window sill from blocks away.  Gerard Maynard, a New York resident and artist, recently made such a picture spanning nearly 280k by 47k pixels detailing several blocks of Harlem.  In a short interview, Maynard told TG Daily about the challenges of working with the equipment and his future plans.

Helio Ocean waves into the US

Los Angeles (CA) - The double-jointed, multi-keyed Helio Ocean phone has found its way to the United States.   The advanced device contains multiple features Helio says have not been seen in previous phones.

Hitachi ships fastest and biggest drive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is announcing volume shipments of its 200 GB, 7200 RPM Travelstar drive.

Sony Ericsson introduces new phones

Update: Transcend debuts 32 GB solid state drive

Memory manufacturer Transcend announced its new 32 GB solid state disk (SSD).