Survey: 19 million mobile phone users badly want an iPhone

Apple better crank up another iPhone factory because a recent survey says that 19 million mobile phone users want the phone.

Garmin introduces widescreen navigation devices

Olathe (KS) – Garmin expands its nuvi 200 product line with two widescreen portable navigation devices. Both the nuvi 200w and nuvi 250w come in a slightly revised casing that follows the general widescreen trend. The 4.3” screen offers a resolution of 480x272 pixels. The two models a similar feature set, including a preloaded database with six million points of interest, a built-in picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and a world clock.

Sony: Mylo PMP hitting sales targets

Sony Ericsson launches 2 Walkman, 2 camera phones

Mobile music download service launches ahead of Apple iPhone

Sandisk to add Divx video capability to Sansa MP3 player series

iPhone users will have to register for an iTunes account

iPhone buyers will have to register for an iTunes account in order to be able to use the phone.

Is the iPhone the Paris Hilton of phones?

Opinion - If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple. But it looks like marketing got ahead of reality with the iPhone: There are early signs that Apple is sailing into rocky waters and will have to pay the price, if the hyped hardware will not be able to deliver what the marketing department has promised.If there is one IT company that teaches us lesson after lesson how to market yourself and your products, then it has to be Apple.

Acer to launch Ferrari edition GPS devices

Motion Computing adds HSDPA capability LE1700 tablet PCs

Chicago (IL) – Motion Computing today received approval from the FCC to integrate HSDPA-based wireless broadband capability in its latest tablet PC models.The HSDPA feature is expected to be announced by the company soon and to be offered side-by-side to the existing EV-DO option.

Qualcomm files for emergency stay on ITC ban

Sony introduces thin and lightweight Vaio CR notebooks

Update: Qualcomm phone chips banned in US

The United States has barred the importation of certain cell phone chips from Qualcomm, after a trade panel deemed it infringes on patents owned by rival Broadcom.

Sprint launches GPS shopping application

VIA announces new ultra-mobile device

iPhone pre-sale on Ebay tops $1500

Chicago (IL) – Apple will start selling its iPhone in 23 days through AT&T stores nationwide. If you plan on purchasing a phone on the first day and don’t want to stand in line, you can turn to Ebay and buy the phone there. But expect a hefty premium to be attached.   Apple's iPhone in detail ...  

FIC introduces 2.2 lbs UMPC with detachable calculator

By now you are probably sick of all the UMPC news, but FIC has put a spin on things by announcing a UMPC with detachable modules – one of which is a calculator.

A closer look at Asus’ $199 computer

This year’s Computex is proving to be very exciting with Asus’ introduction of their $200 PC.

Amp'd Mobile turns to bankruptcy

The specialty, youth-targeting cell phone service provider has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing the fact that almost half of its customers were delinquent with paying their bills.

Aiptek’s small camcorder records at big resolution

Taipei TAIWAN – How much would you pay for a camcorder that records high definition video?  Aiptek has one that not only records HD video but can also take pictures for under $300.  The Pocket DV 2300 HD fits in the palm of your hand and records to high capacity SD cards.