Sandisk puts out industry's first 8 GB microSD card

Giving cell phone storage a boost just before the launch of the iPhone, Sandisk this week began shipping 8 GB microSDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards.

Half the world to use cell phones in 2007

A record breaking three billion people will have used a cell phone this year, according to estimates from a new survey.

iPhone line stand-ins charging $250

Some people with lots of time on their hands are offering to be line stand-ins for the Apple iPhone.

T-Mobile launches Hotspot@Home service

T-Mobile has launched their Hotspot@Home service which promises unlimited calls through wi-fi switching phones.

Isn't the iPhone just a phone?

Opinion - The people who have started lining up for the iPhone already now are in serious need of a reality check, says TG Daily’s Mark Raby.

iPhone service plans to start at $60/month

In addition to the $600 needed to purchase the phone, users will need to sign up for a service plan of at least $60 per month.

Dell goes color crazy

Round Rock (TX) – Dell has refreshed some of its consumer notebooks and desktops for the second half of the year: Pink, green and yellow Dell computers are coming your way – even with Linux.

Sales of music players fall

A new study done by the NPD Group, a market research firm, shows that sales of digital music players have been falling.

Creative follows up Zen Stone with souped-up version 2

AT&T hires 2000 workers for iPhone apocalypse

AT&T is expecting a rush for Apple’s iPhone and has hired 2000 temporary workers to staff their phone stores.

HP announces digital camera with 3.6” touchscreen

In-flight mobile phone calls approved for Europe

You soon will be hearing familiar Nokia ringtone’s while flying the friendly European skies.

iPhone domain name prices go into the stratosphere on eBay

Sellers of iPhone and iPhone-like domain names want big bucks on eBay.

Toshiba notebooks with writable HD DVD drives on the way

Toshiba is planning on releasing several mainstream laptops with HD DVD and writable HD DVD drives this fall.

Gateway recalls 14,000 notebook batteries

Gateway today issued a recall of 14,000 notebook batteries, which can overheat and create a potential fire hazard.

IDC: Mass market appeal of iPhone uncertain

Another market research firm is weighing in on the potential market impact of the iPhone: While stating that the iPhone already is a success, IDC said that the device has shortcomings that may prevent the mass market from adopting it.

AT&T launches cell-to-cell live video

Porsche announces $1600 mobile phone

If the $599 iPhone isn’t expensive enough for you then Porshe’s new mobile phone should do the trick.  Porsche Design Group announced the P’9521 phone in France last week and it will cost you a cool $1600.

Got chest pains? Consult your mobile phone

Mobile phones aren’t just for talking in Singapore.

iPhone gets last minute upgrades

Apple today announced that its upcoming multimedia phone will offer longer battery life than originally estimated as well as a glass top surface.