Second generation Chocolate phones around the corner

$100 laptop to become a $50 laptop by 2009

In praise of the iPhone with some rough seas ahead

Analyst Opinion - There are very few products that can capture the interest of people like the iPhone did, one of them was the iPod. Doing this is incredibly risky, as a result, but I believe it is better to try to create amazing products and have a few problems, than it is to just tread water and avoid the issues associated with this excitement.

Geeks furiously trying to unlock the iPhone

Hardware and software geeks are furiously trying to unlock Apple’s iPhone by crack the phone’s firmware and activation process.

Discrepancies plague battery life reports for iPhone

Big profits for Apple iPhone – iSuppli

Analysts at iSuppli, a market research firm, have ripped apart Apple’s iPhone and discovered that Apple is probably making more than 50 percent on each phone.

TG Video: iPhone launch – Los Angeles style - UPDATED

Jonathan Mariano entered the room to the cheers of hundreds and the blinding flashes of cameras snapping away, but he isn’t a sports or movie star, he was the first person to buy an iPhone at the Grove mall in Los Angeles.

Fujitsu announces 300 GB 2.5” hard drive

With solid state disks shipping with up to 128 GB and perhaps even 256 GB capacity later this year, hard drive makers are under pressure to increase the storage space for the common hard drive: Fujitsu will begin selling a 300 GB 2.5" hard drive in Q3.

The Gotcha in Draft 11n Wi-Fi Certification

AT&T says iPhone activation improving

First look: Apple reinvents the cellphone

First Look: Just like everyone else, we also spent a few hours in line to purchase Apple’s ridiculously expensive iPhone. After spending a day or so with the phone, it is clear to us that Apple has created a special product that extends far beyond the definition of a cellphone.   Apple iPhone gallery...

iPhone pops up on eBay for $1200

Warren (MI) - It took less than 10 minutes for the first person on the East Coast to put Apple's new iPhone up on eBay. The Warren, Michigan eBay seller, whose username is firexonxme, says, "I have this phone on hand ready to get shipped out."  He says he purchased it from a retail Apple Store location.  He's asking for $1200 for the 8 GB iPhone, twice the retail cost.

Philly mayor ditches iPhone line

Steve Jobs gives Apple employees an iPhone

Yes, we apologize for putting up yet another iPhone story, so we’ll make this one brief.

Philadelphia Mayor camps out for iPhone

Philadelphia Mayor John Street wants an iPhone and began camping out at a South Philadelphia sidewalk at 3:30 AM this morning.

Apple begins selling LED-backlight MacBook Pro

Apple CEO: Surfing with the iPhone isn't fast

Toshiba ready to release iPhone rival G900 in Europe

Not sure whether you should buy an iPhone? Just in time for the launch of Apple’s first cellphone, Toshiba announced to be offering its Portege G900 beginning in July. The smartphone will only be sold in Europe initially and can be purchased through the distributor Dangaard Telecom. The slider phone, which sports a 3” screen as well as a keyboard and comes with Wi-Fi as well as wireless broadband (HSDPA) connectivity is offered for 600 Euro (about $810). The G900 is expected to arrive in the U.S. later this year and will likely carry a price of $600.

Apple needs to launch new iPhone before summer 2008, says Gartner

In a recent report, industry analyst firm Gartner suggests that Apple needs to continuously expand the services offered on the iPhone, which should lead to a new model of the device within the next nine months.

Learning to deal with the downsides of a $3000 iPhone

Analyst Opinion - Well, the other shoe finally dropped along with Apple’s stock price and if you want the best iPhone with the best phone service it is going to cost you. While this clearly isn’t a problem if you are a billionaire, for the rest of us signing the related contract will likely be an “Oh my God, $3000!!!” moment.